4 Tips To Create A Productive Work From Home Space

There are a lot of people who spend long hours in the office environment in their corner or on the desk with a view. But due to the pandemic and home working being the new norm, it is no longer possible. The majority of us have spent long working hours at home and we have finally gotten used to remote working. The situation is far from normal and it is hard to predict when we will be able to return to our desks. Until then, we have to continue working from home. It is possible to create a unique workspace that enhances productivity and improves performance. Here are a few tips to get the creative juices flowing while you work from home.

1. Create an environment you enjoy

You need to think of how you can turn a spare room into a space that feels happy to you. It must be a space where you are happy to spend long hours of the day. You can hang a motivational quote, art, or a painting on the wall or keep it on the desk. It is best to remove the distractions from the room. Whether it is a radio, game console, or a television, you need to put it in another room. It is a well- known fact that art can improve productivity and help with creative thinking. It is an essential addition to a home office. It will not only enhance your performance but will also add aesthetics to space. If you have the budget, you can paint the office in desirable colors and display personal photographs or postcards on the desk.

2. Experiment with color

Take out time on a weekend or in the evenings after work to redecorate the home office. Whether it is a spare room, the cellar, or the storeroom, whichever room you are converting into a home office should have the right color tone. Blue is calming and green will unlock creative thinking. Get rid of the white walls and get a new color for the room. You never know how long you will be working from this room, so choose a color that works for you. Abstract designs and neutral palettes are ideal when promoting calm. But if you want to experiment with new colors, you can bring in bright shades. With little imagination, you can create an environment that is everything you want. It will make it the best place to work. 

3. Use candles to set the mood

If you are working from a home with pets and children, you need to create your space that is away from any noise or distraction. It is hard to completely cut off from all the activities going on in the house. To get your thinking cap on and to focus on your work, you need to set the right environment and you can do this with candles or motivational music. Do not leave the room with lit candles as it can pose a fire hazard. Before you start your day, you can light a candle or put on some music that works best for you. Smart lights can also be used in place of candles as they change the visual tone of the home office. Studies have shown that color, form, and light are important for productivity and you will be influenced through it. So it is essential to design the home office keeping these factors in mind.

4. Create boundaries in personal and work-life

Everyone may not have a dedicated room to create a home office and there are many who share workspaces and living rooms with their family members. In this case, you must stick to a specific workplace in the house like the dining table. You can experiment with the light here to focus well. Curtains can help with the efficient flow of light. Ensure that you do not have dark curtains otherwise, it will block the sunlight from entering your home. Use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to help you get in the right zone when space is a concern. If you have meetings to attend in the day, agree with the team about a set time when there are minimal distractions. Do not forget to take breaks throughout the day. Agree with your family on down-time and try to distract yourself from work.

Working from home has removed the boundaries between personal and professional life and this can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. When you create a unique space for work, you need to remember that once you are out of the set space, you are away from work. Set aside a budget and work on a home office that motivates you and enhances productivity.

Written by George K.

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