5 Must-have Apps for iPhone

When you get an iPhone, it comes already loaded with some great apps from the Apple Store. From iTunes to FaceTime, these apps aim to give you the necessities of a smartphone in a well-managed way. However, the problem is that iPhones do not do well with cross-system compatibility. Its apps are exclusive to Apple devices, and if you have a Windows or Android device in addition to your iPhone, you won’t be able to sync things properly. 

Therefore, you need to install some apps which allow for this functionality, and which also let you share things more easily. In addition, you must admit that despite their other advantages and innovations, Apple devices do lag behind in some aspects. So, load up your iPhone with Spectrum mobile plans and install the apps which will make your experience even better. Most of these apps are free, but you can invest in some premium apps which are worth it as well. Here are some of the apps which you must download into your iPhone. 

Google Maps

There is no competition when it comes to Google Maps. Its extensive reach, and excellent navigation is incomparable with any other navigation app. Sure, you might already have Apple’s Maps on your phone, but numerous people have complained about its navigation problems. 

To cement this further, know that even Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, apologized for their own app’s navigation issues and recommended Google Maps. So, that should fix the decision for you and you should install it immediately. After all, you don’t want to get rerouted 10 miles away when all you wanted to do was find the nearest Japanese restaurant. 

Price: Free


Do you have trouble managing your finances? This is a problem almost everyone faces, and wants an easy solution for. Mint is the answer to this problem and is extremely easy to use. It tracks all your spending and connects all your financial accounts so you know exactly where things stand. 

You can set a personal budget for yourself and the app will tell whether you are sticking to it well enough. With its connectivity and ability to track your spending from all your sources, it is one of the best personal finance apps out there. 

Price: Free


Even though your iPhone’s camera may be one of the best smartphone cameras available in the market, you might still want to tweak your pictures. A good photo-editing app can make all the difference in making your photos look like they were taken by a professional. 

Although there are thousands of such apps out there, very few of them include as many features as Camera+. It lets you take and edit photos in such a way that they look stellar. In addition, it prevents blurry shots with an in-built stabilizer feature, so you don’t have to take loads of shaky shots before coming across the right one!

Price: $1.99


If you are a music buff, you might not be satisfied with the collection just available on the iTunes Store. In addition, it acts more like a digital media store than a streaming or radio app. Therefore, you want a more flexible option with a larger collection.

Spotify is the perfect app for your needs and offers audio quality like no other. Its smooth streaming, endless database, and exclusive podcasts make it the streaming app to download. It also boasts a huge friend network, so you can see the playlists other people have compiled as well. 

Price: Free with ads, $10 per month for premium, ad-free experience and playlist access


When you’re out and about, a hundred things might cross your mind during your day. From important groceries to doctor’s appointments and writing ideas, there are numerous things you may want to note down. However, very few people carry around a physical notepad or pen anymore. 

Therefore, you need a responsive note-taking app. Evernote offers this function and is easy to access. Additionally, it has a number of different views so you can note down everything from schedules to poetry outlines on it. It also syncs across your devices, so you can refer to your notes whenever you want. 

Price: Free (Basic), $7.99/month (Premium)

Therefore, there are millions of apps out there you can use to make your iPhone experience well worth it. You just have to figure out your requirements and choose accordingly. 

Written by George K.

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