Teenage Love and Parenting

Parenting teens and tweens can be a huge challenge and many will make some mistakes. During the teen years, parenting roles change. Since there are many more things to be concerned with, such as academic performance, changing bodies, higher expectations, and social interactions, there are a number of challenges to face. Some resort to tough love and others choose to be a friend instead of a parent. 

Many teenage pregnancy essays state that younger females have a higher chance of pregnancy when there are no active parents involved in their daily life. With many working two jobs to make ends meet, some do not invest enough time in their children or family lives. These behaviors can have a negative impact. The key to success is finding a mix of structure, strictness, and understanding.

Three Main Mistakes Made by Parents

As children age and mature, parenting skills and techniques need to change. Most parents and teens want to have a good relationship with each other, but parents often make key mistakes when dealing with teens and tweens. Between hormonal changes, moods, academic stress, social interactions, and simply maturing, teens undergo many changes and you need to keep up with these.

Parenting mistakes are not avoidable, and they will happen, but there are some that can be avoided. By knowing the common mistakes, you can take steps to correct behaviors and attitudes to improve your relationship with a teen, avoiding mistakes that could have negative impacts.

Here, we take a look at three mistakes that are often made, the effects they have, and how these can be avoided.

Lack of Parental Involvement 

Many parents do not take an active role in their teen’s daily lives and some even overlook the importance of communication when it comes to relationships or sexual activity. A parent’s behavior should match what they say so they are a positive role model. 

Taking time to talk with teens and be specific will help establish rules and expectations. It is also important to be involved in their social life and know who they spend time with. It is important to set aside time to have open lines of communication and let teenagers know it is okay to talk about things. Many are uncomfortable talking about sexual activity and parents believe that talking about this will encourage these behaviors. 

Sexually active teens need parental involvement regularly. Parents need to inform teens about contraceptives and safe sex. Many teenage pregnancy essays have been written by professionals and show that there is a lack of parental involvement and communication about sex and about teenage pregnancy. This had led to high numbers of young females becoming pregnant. This can be prevented by parents being more involved, even if they feel their child is mature enough to make the right decisions.

Teenage Love and Parenting

When it comes to sexual activity, parents need to stay involved and know what their children are doing and with whom. Encourage abstinence, but if sexual activity is a part of their life, be sure to support pregnancy prevention. Teens that are sexually active and do not use contraceptives have a 90% chance of pregnancy.

Too Little, or Too Much, Discipline

There will come a time where every parent of a growing teen will feel they are losing control over behaviors. This will often lead to cracking down whenever they are out of line. On the other hand, parents may also do everything possible to avoid conflict in fear they will be pushed away. Neither of these things is effective. It is essential to find a balance when it comes to discipline.

By requiring obedience, the teen may toe the line, but there is a price to pay. Many teenagers that have been raised in a strict environment will lack problem-solving skills since parents are making all of the decisions. On the flip side, a lack of discipline does not provide any structure or rules to live by and can create anger and frustration.

Finding a balance can take time as well as patience. You do not want to expect too much from your child but also want them to choose the right paths. It is important to know when pressure is required and when to back off. Always back up your words with actions, so they know there are consequences, but do not keep them in such a tight rope that they do not learn from their own mistakes.

Ignoring Feelings and Opinions

We all feel that since we have already been through adolescence, we know all of the answers and are aware of all teen problems. This is one of the biggest mistakes to make. As times change, children are faced with new challenges, requiring parents to keep an open mind. By assuming you know how they feel or what they are going through, you minimize their feelings. Resisting the temptation to dismiss feelings will teach kids that they are respected.

Healthy Parenting, Healthy Relationships

By learning about common mistakes, changes can be made on how situations are addressed or how communication takes place. Anyone with teens will need to understand that they are going through many struggles. They face academic or social challenges on a daily basis. These are quite different than when we were kids. Having an understanding and an open mind will help create a healthy relationship and will assist with building trust.

It may not be possible to avoid all mistakes. After all, that is how we learn. However, being informed of errors that could create negative outcomes will help you guide your teen through these tough years while offering support and encouragement needed for personal success. By identifying mistakes, you can change your relationship with a teen while preventing problems or issues that can have severe impacts.

Written by George K.

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