6 Things That You Should Start Using To Save The Energy

Reducing average energy consumption has become a global priority, but many individuals and households are still unaware of excessive energy loss in their homes, as well as small changes that can be made to reduce energy consumption – and overall household running costs.

Calculating your carbon footprint has now been made easily possible with trackers that can show you how you can become part of the solution to climate change. Becoming aware of your consumption is the first step, after which you can begin tackling each aspect of your energy overuse to see how you can affect energy reduction.

According to standard guidelines, each kilowatt-hour of electricity used is equal to almost one kilogram of carbon dioxide from local power generated. If you’d like to become a more conscientious consumer, here 6 things that you should start using if you would like to save energy and reduce your consumption costs. 

 1. Optimize insulation

Within your home, there are many forms of insulation that will prevent valuable warmth from escaping. For example, it is common for households to fit their water heaters or geysers with insulation blankets. And again, sealing the gaps in your home, getting a geyser blanket, and insulating your ceiling will save you a great deal of previously wasted energy, but it will also protect your pocket!

Investigating how small amounts of energy are being lost throughout each day will help you to look at the greater picture of wasted energy, production cost, and your income.

 2. Invest in solar


Spending a large amount of money on any appliance is not what most home-owners foresee themselves doing. However, purchasing a home solar installation is a high-quality investment that you would make to your family, your long-term budget, and the environment.

Some experts rate that installing solar could decrease your household energy generation by up to 50%. If you are in the Orange County area and believe this to be unthinkable right now, it is worth contacting solar specialists, such as, to give a free quote for your solar installation needs. Plus, a company inspection outlining your energy needs will not only provide you with energy reduction figures but also the direct financial savings of investing in a solar set-up for your home.

 3. Use a pressure cooker

If you are one to slow roast in the oven for hours, or even put a pot on the stove for the afternoon, it would be worth considering purchasing a pressure cooker. Savings on energy, preparation time, and running costs, a pressure cooker is aimed at an energy-efficient slow-cooking alternative.

 4. Replace your bulbs

Have you heard that replacing your traditional bulbs with energy-efficient is a simple way to save a lot of energy? In addition to LEDs, fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and halogen incandescent lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional incandescents, they can also save up to 80% less energy. 

Revolutionizing old lighting options, new energy-efficient bulbs are going to create an unmatched green imprint on the environment. And because individuals around the world are ready to make longer-lasting impactful decisions, energy-saving bulbs are proving to be sustainable for the current market.    

 5. Dry clothes outside

6 Things That You Should Start Using To Save The Energy

Instead of using the tumble dryer and electrical appliances which consume great energy, choose to dry the clothes outside, in natural light and sun. And if the tumble dryer is desperately needed with extended damp or dark periods of time, use an appropriate temperature setting to prevent excessive energy expenditure.

Living in the California area, you would think that most people would take advantage of the endless sunshine and warm weather. We hope this is the case, but if it isn’t, saving energy by reducing tumble dryer use is simple and impactful.

 6. Install an energy saving-showerhead

It is becoming apparent that much of the public is not aware of a showerhead that is energy-saving. With design features that enable the product to use almost half as much hot water compared to a normal showerhead, it is no wonder that consumers are beginning to take note. 

Rethink your decisions

The abovementioned ideas are only some of the dozens of small behaviors and habits that you can change or replace, reducing your household running costs at the same time as improving the human impact on the environment. It would not be expensive to consult with a green specialist who can personally comb through the household decisions which impact your carbon footprint and energy used.

With greater awareness and intention, we can each make lasting scientifically-informed decisions that will add up to create a transformative impact on the environment and the way we think about consumables. It is time that we start developing the critical thinking necessary to think ahead, plan for the future, and make better decisions – for ourselves and the generations that will follow.

Written by George K.

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