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5 Cash Back App providers you need to know in 2022

Cash back apps are an amazing tool that makes a huge difference to your overall income and can be really important for people who live on a very tight budget. Being able to earn a little extra something for almost no effort can help your money go further.

But which apps are the best? With so many out there to choose from, there are only a few worth using, and knowing them can be an important part of making sure that you are actually saving enough money to make the app worth it.


Dosh is easily one of the most notable grocery cashback apps on the market. Not only does it give you money back for groceries – instead of just giving you cashback on random non-essentials – but you can also get rewards for dining out or taking trips to hotels.

Cashback varies based on who you are buying from, but this can sometimes be as high as 15% or more – which is pretty significant.


Ibotta is a browser app that gives you cashback by uploading your receipts. This means that you can use it while making physical purchases instead of just online ones and you can even get cashback on purchases you already made ahead of time.

It also covers a wide variety of products, which is always helpful if you are running on limited funds.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch is great for both grocery and pharmacy purchases and covers a huge range of different partner stores. You can even get more cashback if you are using Mastercard, and the rewards cover a wide variety of different purchases to make sure that you are not forced into only buying a few things at once.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is perfect for restaurants and stores, as well as online platforms like Amazon. It is entirely free and will automatically apply coupons if it finds any, meaning that you can save even more money without having to do anything yourself.

There are two distinct ways to earn money back, so you can choose whichever option you find most comfortable. The offers are not store-specific, either, so you have more variety in where you shop.

Coupons.Com is a simple but very usable website that allows you to get easy access to thousands of coupons, as well as linking to your loyalty accounts for bonuses and automatically offering you cashback on qualifying purchases.

This is a good balance of multiple different beneficial features, meaning that you can save a lot of money with very little effort.

Other Options

These are not the only platforms out there worth using. This page covers plenty of great cash back app options that could be perfect for your next grocery shop, all of which provide some distinct and unique benefits that make them a worthwhile option to consider.

Take your time and see what options suit you best – or try multiple at once for different kinds of shopping needs! All of them are a great way to reduce how much you are spending on a weekly basis, which can really help a struggling family out.

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