5 Examples of Distracted Driving and How to Prevent Them

We all get a little distracted from time to time. Distracted driving, though, can lead to accidents. 

Travel safety is important, and you can stay safe on the road by reading about examples of distracted driving to avoid. Learn how you can prevent them by reading on. 

What Is Distracted Driving? 

Distracted driving is when you lose focus of the road as the driver. The CDC says that loss of focus can be because of anything and is still considered distracted driving. 

If grouped together, you could say there are visual distractions, manual distractions—such as removing your hands from the wheel—and cognitive distractions, like when your mind wanders. 

Examples of Distracted Driving

There are many examples of distracted driving. While only a few are listed here, they can give you an idea of other similar instances of distracted driving you should avoid. 

1. Texting While Driving

If you are texting and driving, you are putting yourself and so many other drivers and passengers at risk. Do not text and drive. 

It may be easy to think that you can shoot off a quick reply while you are driving, but 3,142 people died as a result of texting and driving in 2019. 

2. Trying to Use GPS

GPS is useful, but too many people do not navigate prior to driving. 

Trying to use a GPS while you are driving is a recipe for disaster. You may be trying to navigate, but you will likely end up navigating yourself into an accident. 

If you do find yourself in an accident, make sure you have a look at resources to help you through it. 

3. Fiddling with Music or Other Settings

There is nothing wrong with listening to music while you drive. The trouble is to avoid fiddling with it. 

When you are driving and try to change settings on your music choice or volume or other car settings, you put yourself at risk of getting yourself in an accident. 

4. Putting on Make-Up

This one is simple: don’t do your make-up while driving. Do your make-up before you leave your house. 

You cannot focus on the road if you are focused on putting your make-up on. 

5. Daydreaming

Everyone zones out. The trouble is zoning out while driving. 

In order to avoid daydreaming when you drive, make sure to check your mirrors often to realign your focus on the road ahead and the cars around you. 

How to Prevent Distracted Driving

These examples of distracted driving could all be solved with one thing: understand that when you’re driving, you are responsible not only for your life but for the lives of others on the road too.

You can fix your make-up, your GPS, and even your music before you leave. Once you get behind the wheel, all of your focus needs to be on driving safely. 

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