The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Glass Pipe

With the legalization of marijuana in most American states, the glass pipe industry has boomed. Ranging from simple and functional, to exquisite art pieces, there are a wide variety of glass pipe styles, and all have their uses.

But if you are new to collection glass pipes, you may be asking yourself – where do I start? With so many to choose from, how does one dip their toe into the world of glass pipes?

We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the different types of glass pipes, their functions, and some reasons to collect all or some of these designs.

Types of Glass Pipes

Different types of pipes have different functions. How to clean a glass pipe varies between each type, as well. Glass water pipes and glass tobacco pipes have their own set of features and functions.

Choose which pipe will work for you before you begin collecting!


Chillums are the most basic of all the glass pipes. These little pipes are just straight tubes of glass for the basic smoking experience. Chillums are easy to use and easy to clean.

But, because of their size, only a small amount of tobacco or herb can be smoked at a time.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are likely what you think of when thinking of glass pipes. A basic tube shape ends with a rounded end, the “spoon,” with a carburetor built-in. It is generally agreed upon that a carburetor in a pipe allows for fresher smoke, which tastes better.


Steamrollers are more open than chillums and spoons, with openings on either end acting as the carburetor. Steamrollers are a bit difficult to use, as it takes practice inhaling the smoke without burning yourself.

But, the design of a steamroller is very cool. The bowl is designed to disconnect from the pipe, giving its creators a lot of freedom in design.

Sherlock of Gandalf Pipes

Similar, but slightly different, the defining characteristic of a Sherlock and a Gandalf pipe is the elongated stem. 

A Sherlock pipe, named after renowned literary detective Sherlock Holmes, has a large bowl with a graceful stem. Sometimes the bottom of the bowl is flattened to allow the pipe to stand freely when not in use.

Similarly, a Gandalf pipe is designed in the same way, but with a longer stem. Tolkien’s powerful wizard Gandalf often smokes a pipe in Tolkien’s stories, with a large bowl and an even longer stem.


Bubblers can get expensive. Some of the world’s most expensive pipes are bubblers. These glass water pipes use water to filter out the harsh taste of tars in smoke, resulting in nice, clean smoke.

Start Collecting

Whether you’re looking for head shops near me or wanting to start your own collection, glass pipes are a cool, functional piece to collect. 

Whether you start with chillums or dive right into bubblers, glass pipes can truly be works of art and interesting decorations. Improve your collection today!

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