Surfing Dos And Don’ts According To The Pros

Surfing is a phenomenon that brings up wonders in you. Whether you are the surfer or the spectator, you just can’t escape from that feeling of awe. As a water sport, surfing brings the ‘extra into the ‘ ordinary’ and adds the ‘super’ to the ‘human’. When you take part in surfing, you will recognize the release of a force similar to none.

The Dos Of Surfing

  • Get A Good Teacher And Be Willing To Learn

Surfing isn’t just a sport that you can just ‘pick up’. You have to learn it properly and be willing to put the time, effort, and constant practice into it to improve. The people behind say that enlisting the help of a good instructor will make surfing easier to learn for you. With an excellent teacher, you’ll learn techniques and intricacies you might otherwise learn on your own. However, along with a good teacher, tax yourself to learn by reading and watching surf videos, especially of tournaments. 

  • Know How To Swim

Swimming is a prerequisite for surfing. There will be many times where you’ll need to depend on your swimming skills to surf. In case of emergencies, knowing how to swim is a great advantage.

  • Use The Right Surfboard 

Surfing Dos And Don’ts According To The Pros

Having the right surfboards is just as important as knowing how to surf well. Many professional surfers advise that using the right surfboard is paramount to surfing. It is also advisable for beginners to start with a big surfboard.

  • Learn About Waves

You want to surf well, then learn about waves. Knowing about waves, the types, how they are formed, and how they break could set you apart from the other surfers. It would also help you advance your skills to become a better surfer

  • Set A Goal For Surfing

As much as it is cool to be that person that has a lot of surfing techniques up their swimsuit, it pays to know one surfing technique well before jumping into another. Surfing in a way is like dancing on water, it would be great to combine a lot of surfing techniques, eventually. 

Set a goal to learn one technique. Get so good at it, then move on to the next style.

  • Start Small

Start small especially with the waves, if you are a beginner. Adrenaline can try to convince you to take on those enormous waves. You might even hear some tiny voices in your head screaming, ‘You can do this, hold on. 

We recommend you start with tackling small waves before you go for the big ones. No one ever jumped on a surfboard and became an expert at it in a day. So be wary of the voices screaming ‘You can be the first one’.

You may feel ready even if you are not. So don’t listen to the hasty voices inside, be patient, start small, practice well, and get good. Soon, you may be among the greatest surfers in no time.

  • Practice

Constant practice polishes a skill. It differentiates a mediocre surfer from a professional. So ensure to dedicate time to learning and practicing. Commit yourself and be consistent. 

  • Assess Your Mistakes

Learn to identify your mistakes so you can correct them. If you lose hold of your surfboard and you fall butt straight into the water. Ask yourself what you think was responsible for that fall. You could also ask your teacher or witness what they noticed caused the fall.

By assessing your mistakes, and correcting them, you wouldn’t make them again.

The Don’ts Of Surfing

Most people don’t like the word ‘don’t’. I surely don’t. ‘But don’t’ can help us avoid doing things that could prove catastrophic for us in the future. Here are some don’ts of surfing.

  • Don’t Learn By Yourself

No. No, and NO! Surfing is not like eating cake. No one needs to teach you how to eat a cake, but in surfing, you’ll need lots of teaching. You just can’t wake up one day, get a surfboard in the nearest store, drive out to the beach and start surfing on your own with no prior knowledge on how to do it. 

Surfing is an extreme water sport that needs to be done properly with a trained mind, trained limbs, and great caution.

  • Do Not Close Up On Another Surfer

You may feel so excited that you want to go faster than the surfer ahead of you. Control yourself and leave a certain distance between you and other surfers to reduce accidents.

It is said that surfing is not just a sport but a way of life. It’s worth learning and anyone can become a professional at it if they can give it what it takes, adhere to the rules and explore their creativity while at it.

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