5 Facts about Tonic Water

5 Facts about Tonic Water

Let us recall past times by knowing a phrase by Oasis, “I am feeling supersonic; give me a gin and tonic.” It is a very popular saying that made gin and tonic enjoy a comeback in recent times. Tonic water is known as gin’s partner in crime and is often served with it.

But, what is tonic water? Where did it originate, and how was it made? There are several facts on tonic water that makes it a popular mixer that is kept in the bar. So, to brief you more about tonic water, here are five necessary facts about this bitter drink mixed with gin to make you say cheers.

Also, if you are roaming around to get the best tonic water and gin, it is wise to choose tonic water Australia to get it delivered to your place without any hustles. You can even select a bulk quantity of tonic water and keep it safe at your home. Therefore, without any further delay, scroll down to learn about the five facts related to tonic water.

What is tonic water made of?

Tonic water is made of quinine infused with carbonated water. Sometimes fruit acids or sugar are mixed into it to add extra taste. The higher the quinine is, the more bitter it tastes. Quinine is considered one of the main elements of tonic water as it prevents people from several diseases such as malaria.

Fact 1- Tonic water is hard to find

Tonic water is not easy to find these days. Several grocery stores keep tonic water in their mixer, and some put it in their soft drink and soda part. Liquor stores selling gin also sell tonic water and provide it to customers.

There is a variety of tonic water offered by several stores, leading to low competition.

Fact 2- Tonic water is palatable with Gin

People used to think of a mixer added to alcohol to make it taste perfect. So, G and T were invented when the people of East India Company in India used to drink tonic water to get rid of malaria, but the taste was very bitter.

Therefore, Gin was added to the tonic water to make the water look palatable. Sugar is also added to tonic water with lemon and a slice of cucumber.

Fact 3- Tonic water is bad as soda

It is always said that tonic water is the same as water, and a 12-oz can of tonic water contains 32 g of sugar and 44 mg sodium. Many sodas contain 33 g of sugar in the same 12-oz can.

Tonic water includes 124 calories, and a soda can contain 138 calories. And a gin and tonic can have fewer calories and sugar than a soda can.

Fact 4- Tonic water was a prophylactic

Tonic water is made from dissolving a pure natural white crystalline alkaloid known as quinine that has been used for centuries now. Quinine is used to prevent a person from malaria, and treat pain, treat, lupus, and arthritis.

Due to the low cost of quinine, it is also used as medicine in many countries today. It is also available in the US with a prescription. The quinine dosage in tonic water is minimal as it is only used to provide tart flavor. But, a person only takes a fraction of a child’s dose.

Fact 5- Tonic water is fluorescent

Tonic water is fluorescent because of quinine present in it, which means it also glows under black UV light. The ingredients are very sensitive, making the UV light glow under direct sunlight. Quinine is the main component of tonic water that gives it a better taste and makes it shine under dark light.

Now that you know about the five facts of tonic water, here is a quick mocktail recipe by one of the best bartenders, Jeffery Morgenthaler, that one can create using this bitter taste water.

Ingredients needed-

  • 3 cups of water
  • Chopped lemongrass
  • One orange
  • One lemon
  • Teaspoon of berries
  • Salt according to the taste
  • Two tablespoons powdered cinchona

How to prepare the mocktail recipe?

  • Boil all the ingredients together in a pot for almost 20 minutes.
  • Strain it and boil it again after adding ¾ cup of agave syrup in it.
  • Pour it in a bottle, and let it cool
  • Add soda water to turn it into tonic water.

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