6 Reasons Why you Should Keep Your Blog’s Comments Section

6 Reasons Why you Should Keep Your Blog’s Comments Section

Bloggers often find themselves debating on whether or not to offer a comments section on their blog pages. After all, the comments may potentially include criticisms or negative reviews that could prove to be detrimental. Moderating comments takes a lot of time, and many bloggers instead prefer to turn off comments under their posts. 

However, this isn’t actually the best idea, as there are several perks to allowing comments on a blog page. You may click here to understand more about how two-way communication can be beneficial.  

Statistics show that readers generate about 77 million new blog comments each month across the web. For brands that actively publish content on their website, this is an essential factor to their growth that can’t be ignored. As a result, deciding whether you want to keep comments on your blog could impact a company’s content marketing efforts.

The Importance Of Blog Comments For Enterprises

Enterprises that own a blog page and use it for their content marketing endeavors can benefit significantly from blog comments. Check out how comments can add value to your business.

1. Better Seo Performance

A blog with a rich comment section can perform better than a blog without one, as comments also add content and engagement to the page. As the users express their thoughts in the comments section, they unknowingly improve your blog’s SEO performance by using various keywords.

According to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, it has turned out that among the keywords that ranked on Google, 26.7% came from comments sections.

2. Enables Users To Connect To Each Other

Besides allowing the audience to leave their feedback, comment sections also enable them to chat with each other. These interactions are always welcome, as they help establish your blog page as a great place to discuss relevant topics. 

People who love sharing their opinions and participating in discussions will find these types of blogs particularly attractive. Moreover, user interactions result in more comments, and in turn, provide more content that designates your blog as a reputable source of discussion and info.

3. Fosters Better Connection With Your Readers

One of the biggest perks of keeping a comments section for your blog is that it helps to connect your audience with you. Two-way communication is extremely beneficial when it comes to content marketing. 

When your blog has a comment section, your readers can share their thoughts with you. This means you can interact with them and get insights into what kind of content they love. Moreover, bloggers who interact with their readers can connect better with them, fostering good relations.

4. Gain Insight On Readers

A content creator needs to get detailed insights into the readers to be able to come up with the right type of content for them. The comment section under your blog can be a valuable source of information regarding your audience. 

By going through the comments, you could get to know who your readers are, their demographics, their outlook, and the type of content they would like to see. The greater insights you have into your readers, the better you can cater to them.

5. Enhance Your Social Footprint

In the age of social media and the internet, a brand’s social footprint is a crucial factor to consider. Your brand’s social footprint significantly impacts how people perceive it or how much they trust it. 

Creating an engaged community surrounding your blogs can naturally help a brand create a more significant social footprint, building a network of followers. This is precisely where a comments section can help.

How To Use Comments On Your Blog To Your Advantage?

Content creators often tend to remove the comments section or turn off comments because they seem to do more harm than good. However, you can actually use the comments to your advantage and grow your blog. Here is how you could go about it:

Participate In The Discussion

As mentioned previously, comments are great for connecting the content creator with the audience. To do this, you need to be a part of the discussions. Authors often post a blog and forget about it until it’s time to post a new blog. However, they miss out on an amazing opportunity to engage with their audience by doing so. While you do not necessarily have to reply to every commenter, you can certainly answer as many queries as possible.

Create Healthy Discussions

Unhealthy discussions and arguments have a negative impact on a blog. That’s why many bloggers remove their comment section altogether. After all, no content creator would want to end up bickering with trolls or toxic individuals online. 

On the other hand, you can actually encourage a healthy discussion in the comments section. Take criticism in a positive manner while ignoring trolls or dealing with them as promptly as  possible to preserve your brand’s reputation. Talk to critics and ask them about how they think you could have done a better job.

Request Users For Their Inputs

It is highly advisable to request your audience for their inputs. Firstly, it assures them that you care about what they think. Secondly, you can get additional perspectives towards a topic and could even get to know something that you previously weren’t aware of. Once users get accustomed to giving their opinion on your blogs, it’s likely to become a habit. This can then spread among other users, helping to foster an environment for discussions.

As long as you do it right, keeping the comments section under your blog is definitely a good idea. If you have the time and the resources, you could arrange for moderation or do it yourself to weed out the trolls. A blog with a comment section rich in healthy discussions will perform very well.


Removing the comments section from your blog can do more harm than good. Several of the top publishers who had tried it eventually brought back comments upon realizing that it actually helped the blog.  Hence, if you are trying to build a successful blog page, allowing your audience to comment is the smarter choice. If you need help, you could consult experienced professionals in this matter.

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