5 Highly Respected Jobs in Healthcare

5 Highly Respected Jobs in Healthcare

Who do you want to be when you grow up? We often ask children this question, and they have interesting answers; some desire to be pilots, engineers, or doctors. All these choices are formed on what they hear and perceive from their elders. The general perception about a healthcare profession is based on how it contributes to society and how the community benefits from it.

Since healthcare professionals are always working for the wellbeing and welfare of a community by devoting their time and energy to cure diseases and illnesses, they’re among the most respected and admired workers in a community.

Healthcare workers are vigilant heroes fighting to save lives at the front line in a chaotic mess of disasters, accidents, and pandemics. The recent Covid-19 pandemic revealed the importance of healthcare workers, who put their own lives in danger, to serve the ailing and sick.

So, if you are thinking of a career that has great value in society; and serve humanity at the same time, here’s a list of five highly respected jobs in healthcare you might be interested in.

  • Nurses:

Nurses are devoted to the care of individuals suffering from an illness or injury. In most countries, nursing is about giving baths and holding bedpans, which is far from the truth. Nurses are a crucial part of post-operation caring procedures for patients.  When it comes to education and experience, nurses are opting for a masters in nursing online to enhance their skills and knowledge, becoming more capable of understanding the complexities and consequences of any illness.

They work closely with patients in evaluating their state and determining the effectiveness of treatment. Nurses serve as the bridge between patients and doctors, communicating about the patient’s progress and ensuring an individual gets the best care possible.

They also give emotional support to the sick, keeping their morale high, comforting and helping them to cope with their sickness. A nurse’s dedication and selflessness don’t go unnoticed, and people give high regards to all their efforts and compromises for the health of a society.

  • Doctors:

Often doctors, especially surgeons, are the only ones standing between a patient’s life and death. They help heal the sick, injured and dying, making it the core reason for their prestigious status in society. A survey conducted across 16 countries showed that an average of 69% of respondents consider doctors to be the most respected workers, which is easy to understand why parents want their children to pursue a medical profession for their future jobs.

Moreover, it is not so easy to b a doctor. You have to work hard, study for years and face grueling shifts at hospitals to achieve specialty over a particular medical discipline. They dedicate their lives to save humanity and provide quality healthcare to all the ones in need.

Through their help and effort, people enjoy and live their lives to the fullest. There is hardly any profession in the world that is as highly respected as that of doctors.

  • Pharmacists:

Medication is a critical phenomenon, as certain drugs are dangerously reactive when taken with other medicines or inappropriate amounts. Therefore, they must be prescribed under the guidance of a medication expert; a pharmacist. Having a pharmacist in hospitals or medical facilities improves the chances of giving the right medicine, dosage, and, if needed, in combination with any other medication.

A pharmacist’s knowledge in medication and acumen helps decrease hospital readmission rates, proper management of chronic diseases, and medication therapy.

Pharmacists work in conjunction with other health professionals and thoroughly study patients’ drug and medical history before prescribing medicines. It is to ensure the best health outcome and to avoid medication errors.

  • Psychiatrist:

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are skilled in helping patients with mental illnesses, psychological, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Psychiatrists can cure and assess both the mental and physical consequences of any psychological problem. Today, there are many prevailing psychological problems, like panic attacks, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

It is estimated that about 1 in 4 adults have mental illness every year, and some even suffer from more than one mental disorder at a time. With more and more people facing mental sickness these days due to the burdens and chaos of professional and personal lives, being a psychiatrist is one of the noblest professions.

  • Physiotherapist:

The pain of not being able to move and do your work can be devastating for anyone. People become demotivated and depressed after an accident or an illness that affects their mobility and physical fitness. Physiotherapists are experts in the science of movement who aid in restoring and maintaining a patient’s mobility.

They facilitate patients with physiotherapy that improves their functionality and provides physical rehabilitation. It is a great and worthy career that involves constant contact with patients, caring for their physical wellbeing through various exercises and assistive devices.

Wrapping up:

It is no secret, all jobs in healthcare are respected. Each profession stands out on its own and makes an impact on society; whether it’s an illness, a physical issue, a psychological problem, or a pandemic, these professionals are an integral part of any society. They are heroes with a mission to help and heal the ones suffering and promote healthy living standards.

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