Things to avoid to Get Healthier Hair

Things to avoid to Get Healthier Hair

Primarily everyone desires to have healthy and luscious hair these days. However, waiting for your hair to get longer over time is not always fruitful. An inner cuticle with overlapping scales that keeps your strands together is essential for healthy hair. When these scales break off, your hair might become dry and separated, causing damage. To ensure healthy and long hair, it’s not only about how quickly your scalp can grow new strands of hair but also that the existing hair is strong enough to resist breakage.

There are some common causes of Hair Damage that you can avoid easily to obtain healthier hair. Even if your hair is not severely damaged and you continue to engage in the activities listed below, you should consider these suggestions to achieve even better results.

  • Monitoring your diet

When it comes to having healthier hair, diet is a vital factor that you must consider. Certain nutrients and vitamins, including zinc, iron, and folic acid, promote hair growth and keep your hair damage-free. You might also consider the intake of certain medications, which can prove helpful in your hair growth journey. If you wish to get genuine products at affordable rates, make sure to visit the drugstore online from Canada for further information.

  • Heat Damage.

High heat is required to achieve the most satisfactory results from your hair drier, flat iron, or curling iron. However, when you use these instruments incorrectly or excessively, you risk harming the cuticle by exposing it to severe temperatures.

One approach to avoid general heat damage is by giving your strands a vacation from all styling tools at least once a week. Select ceramic style tools to reduce actual heat damage from your style tools; these heat up more evenly, so you don’t have to keep using them on the same portions of hair over and again. It’s also crucial to preserve your hair before using heat.

  • Color or chemical treatments

Hair coloring treatments and chemical relaxants can cause strands to feel rough, dry, and prone to breaking by drying out the hair shaft and blowing out the hair cuticle.

If you decide to color or relax your hair, choose a professional to assist you to avoid damage and breakage.

There are also conditioner coloring solutions that can temporarily color your hair without harming or making it more brittle.

  •  Tight elastic hair ties.

Hair ties with elastic bands are essential for keeping hair out of your face when exercising. And they’re helpful on terrible hair days or when you’re in a rush.

Hair ties are problematic since they tug on your scalp and hair cuticle. When you undo your ponytail, you may notice that some hair slips out. You may address this by letting your hair down or loosening up your up-do not to strain your hair as much. Also, make sure you’re using real hair ties rather than rubber bands, which can cause harm to your hair.

  • Incorrect Brushing and Combing techniques

Brush from the bottom up if your hair tends to tangle, and go gentle on it to evade putting too much pressure on the strands. Because hair is most elastic and sensitive to breakage when wet, wait until it is entirely or dried, mainly after washing it before brushing it. If you aren’t gentle when brushing your hair, Hair damage is inevitable.

  •  Lack of proper trimming

It may appear that trimming your hair will harm it. On the other hand, hair cuts help keep your hair healthy and free of split ends. A hair trim is similar to exfoliation for the skin in that both require the removal of some old cells to allow new ones to develop. When you have split ends, the cuticle splits can move up the rest of your hair’s length, causing breaking.

At least once every eight weeks, visit your stylist. Trim damaged ends even if you’re growing your hair out to avoid further breaking.


Hair damage can, without a doubt, be aggravating. However, most of the underlying causes are preventable and reversible through respective lifestyle changes.

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