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5 Ideas For Adding A New Room To Your House

5 Ideas For Adding A New Room To Your House

Even after choosing the perfect home for your family, it might start to appear small due to multiple reasons, like the need for an office, nursery for your newborn or extra space for your dog.

If you often stare at your home, yearning for more space, it’s time you make a few changes to the existing structure of your house. While renovations can lead to frustration and exertion, some easy ways can create space without much hassle. 

Continue to read more to find the multiple ways to add more space to your home without spending much on renovating.

1) Enclose a Patio or Porch

Enjoy outdoors with your family or friends by putting up walls and a roof in a section on your porch. Enclosing a patio or porch can be a great idea to extend your space as it can give you the feel of being outdoors but with the right amount of protection. 

You must consider adding heat or other utilities to weatherproof. Moreover, you can add a personal touch to make the space more welcoming.

For instance, choose decor, plantations or flooring that can complement the overall look of your house. 

2) Basement

Convert your monotonous basement into the most happening space your house can offer. Don’t waste the additional space in your basement by filling it with junk. Instead, convert it into a fully functional room where you can escape from the prying world.

According to the purpose, add furniture, gaming equipment or artificial lighting to your basement. You can recreate the area into a home theatre, guest room or a space to sit with your buddies after dinner. 

However, while transforming the basement, you need to be extra cautious as any wrong move can affect the structure of the whole building. While constructing or knocking down a wall, it’s better to hire professionals like Perth Structural Wall Removals.

3) Garage

Ever wanted space for your artistic pursuits, a small studio for yourself? Well, look again, as your garage might be the perfect fit. 

You can also transform your garage into a functional living area by choosing the right flooring, walls and lighting. Additionally, you can incorporate storage solutions to keep the area organized. 

With very minor changes you can easily convert your garage into the craft space or music studio you always wanted. 

4) Dormer

Have you got kids who leave their toys all over the house? Maybe a little step can help you turn your attic into a playroom for them. By creating a dormer, you can add space and natural light to your attic.

Likewise, you can turn the attic into a bedroom with tree-top views by adding a dormer window to bring in fresh air and light. 

In addition to the ventilation, a dormer also gives your house an appealing exterior and some extra floor space in the attic room. 

5) A Partition Wall

If you want to avoid construction or your house getting covered in mud, you can fix up partition walls. These temporary walls are the perfect solution to increase privacy and create distinct areas.

As per your style, you can select the material for the partition wall, which comes in various options, like wood, glass or drywall. For example, if you want to convert a part of your house into a music studio, you can do so with the help of soundproof partition walls. 

Partition walls are easy to install or remove without disrupting the construction of the house and are also cost-effective. 


Adding a new room to your house can be a crucial task that results in hectic schedules, spending a lot of money and the whole construction process. 

However, you can perform the same task quickly and without disrupting the existing structure by considering the above-mentioned suggestions. 

Moreover, you can take a professional’s advice to plan carefully, maintain the budget and ensure a successful transformation of your new space. 

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