5 Tips for Choosing Your One Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan

5 Tips for Choosing Your One Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan

Are you looking for an apartment that gives you plenty of space? A one-bedroom apartment is the perfect option. It gives you the perks of renting a unit with no extra costs of taxes, insurance, and yard upkeep.

It allows you privacy and gives you the freedom to feel at home. You will experience the pleasure of settling into a home that fits your budget, needs, and style.

If you have never rented a one-bedroom apartment ever before, you might wonder how to pick the perfect unit. The tips below can help you find one bedroom apartment floor plan to meet your needs. Keep reading!

1) Understand Your Space Needs

When considering one bedroom apartment floor plan, it is important to consider your space needs. If you work from home, prioritize floor plans with adjacent home office space. Focus on the flow of the space, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, and consider if it is the most practical solution for your needs. 

2) Avert Dead-End Room Placement

In renting an apartment, you don’t want to be stuck with a home that has a lot of dead ends. Consider how you want to arrange the furniture and which pieces you will be using regularly. Avoid layouts that have at least one room that has only one exit. Strive for an open concept that allows for all of the furniture to be moved around as needed.

3) Consider Lounging & Entertaining Options

When choosing brand new apartments in Charlotte, it is important to consider the lounging and entertaining options. Look at the potential of using the outdoor space that potentially comes with the apartment for lounging and entertaining. Look at potential cookouts, cozy one-on-one conversations, and anything else you would like to do in your outdoor spaces.

Envision ways to open up the indoor living area and create room for larger gatherings or dividers for more private moments. 

4) Prioritize Privacy

Look to see if the bedroom is located in a separate room from the living area or if the bedroom is simply partitioned off from the main living area with a wall or sliding door. Consider whether the bedroom is located off a hallway, which offers more privacy, or whether the bedroom is simply one wall away from the main living area.

Pay attention to the location of windows, as well as the presence of balconies or terraces that can offer additional privacy. 

5) Natural Light And Views

Orient the plan to maximize natural light and sights, looking for windows facing east, south, or west. Opt for a balcony, deck, or terrace if you’re looking to enjoy the fresh air and a grand view. Consider window sills, light sources like skylights or transom windows, and the square footage of each living space to determine how much natural light you’ll get.

You should look for materials that will not hinder the views, thus allowing you to enjoy the scenery.

Balance Lifestyle Requirements With Your Budget

It is important to ensure the space meets your needs and lifestyle when selecting a one bedroom apartment floor plan. Think carefully before committing to a space, compare all options, and take an initial tour. Keep these tips in mind and start looking now for your perfect one-bedroom apartment and get the home of your dreams!

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