5 Mistakes That Can Tank a Business 

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Starting a business is an exciting time. You’ve been toying with this plan for a while now, and it’s finally becoming real. However, there’s also a fear that’s eating at you- what if you can’t get it off the ground?

Of course, you don’t want to start out thinking you will fail, but figuring out the pitfalls and avoiding them is proactive. 

We’re here to share five common mistakes that other businesses make that you can avoid now.

1) Poor Organization 

Running a small business means just a few people take care of every aspect of it. Without help, something is bound to slip. One miscommunication could mean someone forgets something, and a customer gets the wrong order or doesn’t receive it at all. 

One surefire way to prevent this is downloading a scheduling app for small business management. This gives you a way to plan out all your appointments and orders for the week with notifications. It’s also great for tracking assignments and their delivery. 

You can also avoid disorganization by communicating with your team. Remember that they can’t read your mind. Meet with them regularly to make sure everyone is on the same page and understands what is expected of them.

2) Not Investing in Your Business

As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Imagine a restaurant owner who only buys the cheapest food products and never replaces the chairs even though they are rickety and making customers afraid of them collapsing. How long do you think that restaurant would stay afloat?

You don’t have to break your bank, but create a budget that goes back into your business. Improve your products and hire contractors to help you design your website and write advertisements. They’ll know things you might not that are make-or-break for startup businesses, such as internet algorithms and SEO. 

A plant that is watered will grow- so will a business that’s invested in. 

3) No Online Platform

These days, social media presence is a must. You might have a great idea, but with no mail list, you’ll be shouting into a void. 

Create profiles on several different sites and put out regular content on each of them. This will help you build up hype for launch dates, so you can have buyers for new products before they are even out. Then people can share your links, creating even more new eyes for your page. 

Also, pay attention to how your message is delivered. If you want to sell children’s toys, tailor your language to children. If you’re starting a tech support business and plan to reach out to people who don’t know tech lingo, translate it to everyday language. Know your target audience and remember to target them.

4) Lack of Commitment 

If you’re approaching this endeavor as a “get rich quick scheme,” this is how it will play out. You’ll build up a scenario in your mind where your business takes off from the first bit of content you put out. You’ll wait a few days and only get a couple of views on your site, but no takers. 

This will demoralize you, you’ll feel like this was a big waste of time, and you’ll quit. Years later, someone might see your content and like it, but then they realize you did nothing else, and so they move on to someone who is consistent. 

No one gets overnight success. It’s a result of countless hours of networking, advertising, ongoing work on their product, and coming back from bad reviews. If this is really your dream, you will have to fight for it.  

5) No Cohesive Company Promise

“What exactly am I selling, and why should people buy it?”

Write this question down, and don’t launch your business until you can answer it. 

Let’s say you’re selling vitamins. Your “About” page tells users how rich they are in all different forms of nutrients. The average consumer will think the words sound nice, but they’ll ask, “What does that mean? How will this affect my daily life?”  

On the other hand, imagine if you tell them, “These vitamins will help you sleep through the night without feeling groggy in the morning.” There. Now you have an idea to pitch and a need you are fulfilling. This is the route to success. 


A business is easy when it’s an idea in your head. Starting your own brand is an enormous responsibility and not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to work long nights. You’ll need to learn outreach, create a message that is attractive, and give it monetary nurturing. Its inside structure needs to be strong.

Keep in mind that success is for later. Right now, you need to reach stability. Don’t be so focused on the final steps that you forget about the first ones. 

Written by Abhishek

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