5 Money-Saving Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Nothing gives your house a luxurious look like a swimming pool. It makes your house much more interesting and great for gathering. That said, a pool is also not very cheap to build and maintain. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will end up spending more on its repair than it cost to build. This article is for all those pool owners looking for ways to save money on remodeling, repairing, and maintaining their pools.

Planned Remodeling

If you are still developing or remodeling your pool, make sure you carefully plan it with the help of a professional. Getting it right the first time will allow you to save expenses on later maintenance. You will not only be happy with your pool but also spend more time in it. Make sure you follow the instructions of a pool remodeling service if you want everything perfect.

Baking Soda for Alkalinity

We know chemicals can be very expensive to keep the pool clean. Besides, you can’t keep going out for chemicals every time you need to take a dive. Here is a cheap and readily available alternative to adding alkalinity in the water. Use baking soda instead of chemicals. You can find it in almost every kitchen, and they don’t cost even half as much.

Keep Pool Cover Clean

First of all, make sure you have a pool cover. It’s a necessity unless you want your pool all dirty and keep repairing it. Even with a pool cover, you need to be responsible. Many people think that just getting a cover is more than enough. You also need to clean the pool cover regularly, so the melted snow or dry leaves don’t fall into the pool. It keeps all the debris and dirt out of the pool, reducing the cleaning time and effort. A good pool cover also helps you save energy and evaporation.

Buy Chemicals in Bulk

We have discussed that you can use baking powder as an alternative to chemicals to keep the pool clean. Although it works perfectly fine, many people are not satisfied with it and prefer the use of chemicals specifically created for this purpose. You can also save money on these chemicals by purchasing in bulk, even if you don’t need them. They keep getting more and more expensive year few months. Having them purchased in advance will have you one less thing to worry about.

Get Bi-Annual Service Appointment

Cleaning a swimming pool is important and not as simple as you think. You can clean the upper layer of the pool, but there is a lot more to its proper service. It is suggested to acquire a professional swimming pool cleaning service to do this job for you at least once a year. This is something people recommend even if you feel there is no need for it. This proper professional maintenance will help you save on bigger expenses.


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