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5 Reasons Why a Lot of People Wear Zip Fleece for Outdoor Activities

Wear Zip Fleece for Outdoor Activities

Fleece is now a popular fashion trend for casual outdoor wear. It is an artificial fabric made from polyester fibers woven together. While it is incredibly light in weight, it is warm, making it perfect for outdoor activities in cold weather. Fleece jackets are available in a cozy zipper or hoodie, and regardless of the type you choose, you will enjoy warmth in your outdoor expeditions. Let’s look at the types of fleece jackets and the reasons behind their popularity for outdoor activities.

What Are Fleece Jackets?

Fleece has a soft textured feel due to the tightly woven fibers that create a pile-like surface that retains heat. It is classic material from the ’80s designed to replace wool, often itchy and heavy when wet. Many people love fleece jackets due to the excellent combination of coziness and warmth. Whether you are looking for a camping outfit or something to wear on chilly evenings, fleece jackets are perfect for layering under a ski jacket. Most fleece jackets are suitable for casual wear. However, if you want a hiking outfit, you should look for a performance fleece jacket.

You can choose from zip fleece or pullover jackets, depending on your preference. However, zip options are versatile and have extra features compared to pullovers, which function like comfy sweatshirts. Unlike pullovers and quarter fleece, full-zip jackets are easy to wear, and most come with stretchy side panels and hand pockets.

Reasons for Wearing Fleece Jackets for Outdoor Activities

  1. Warm and Comfortable

When on an outdoor expedition, you need a camping outfit that will add a layer of warmth when the cold weather bites. The tightly woven fibers used for making fleece will lock in your body temperature. Besides, the fibers are soft and plush, and you will not feel itchy even when it rains. You should wear your fleece hoodie under a waterproof jacket to act as an insulating layer since it is thin and won’t feel bulky.

  1. Breathability

Fleece jackets are highly breathable, making them perfect mid-layers. Fleece is from polyester knits, which have tiny pores that allow unrestricted airflow. The air wicks away sweat from your body and keeps you dry during hiking. The breathability also ensures the jackets dry faster and reduces bad odors. Unfortunately, the breathability can also be a downside since the tiny openings in the fibers make them permeable to air. When you are camping in areas with strong winds, you shouldn’t wear the fleece jacket as an outer layer since the wind and heavy rain can permeate through the porous construction.

Nowadays, you can find weather-resistant fleece jackets with a fleece interior for warmth and a thick outer layer for reliable wind and rain protection. Some brands also produce windproof fleece with extra protection against wind.

  1. Versatility

When you are working out in the cold weather or hiking, you need flexible clothes. Fleece jackets are from flexible fibers that stretch during movement, making them comfortable to wear. You can also find black zip up fleece in various sizes. When looking for the perfect fit, ensure it aligns with the intended purpose of the jacket. For instance, performance fleece jackets perfect for outdoors come with a trim cut to promote mobility and breathability. While the trim cut is perfect for camping, it is unsuitable for casual wear. If you want a fleece jacket for casual evening walks with friends, it should have a roomier fit.

Since every type of fleece jacket comes in standard or hooded fare, your outdoor activity will determine the best choice. For instance, if you want a mid-layer fleece jacket, a non-hooded option is ideal to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of the outer jacket. However, in cold weather, a hood can provide extra insulation.

  1. Lightweight

When traversing unbeaten paths during hikes, a bulky jacket will slow you down and make you tired. Therefore, a jacket that provides adequate warmth while keeping the weight low is perfect. Fleece weights range from heavy to ultralight, which offers flexibility and warmth during outdoor activities.

  1. Adjustable Hems

In freezing temperatures, you can adjust the hems of your fleece jackets to lock in the warmth and make them windproof. The adjustable hems also allow you to fasten oversized fleece jackets to create the perfect fit.


Fleece jackets are the best companions when you are exploring the outdoors. They provide warmth, comfort, and the protection you need from weather elements. Besides, if you maintain them well, they are durable. 

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