5 Steps to Making Your Home Allergy-Free for Your Children

5 Steps to Making Your Home Allergy-Free for Your Children

Is your home full of allergens that make it difficult for you and your children to breathe? Do you worry about what will happen if they get sick because of the air quality in your house?

If so, then this blog post is perfect for you. Mark Johnson, one of the leading clean air and environment experts at By Purify, is going to show you how to clean up the air in your home by removing all the allergens with a few easy steps.

Allergy-Proof Your Home for Your Children

Allergy sufferers can eliminate the following triggers by making a few simple changes in their homes and daily routines. You can make your home an allergy-free haven for your children.

Check out the steps we’ve outlined to get started on making this happen!

Step 1: Figure Out What You’re Allergic To

Seeing an allergist might assist you in focusing your preventative steps. Dust mites, mould, pollens, and pet dander are the most typical culprits. It’s pointless to make improvements at home if you don’t address your specific allergies.

Step 2: Begin in the Bedroom

Once you’ve figured out what’s causing your allergies, start with your bedroom and work your way around the house to eliminate those allergens. If dust is a concern for you, use zip-on dust mite coverings on your mattress and pillows. 

Step 3: Check Unnoticed Corners

Most people overlook the area beneath the kitchen sink. When pipes drip, it creates an ideal environment for mould to thrive. Remove everything from the cabinet and inspect the inside for any evidence of leakage. Look for mouse droppings and cockroach webs as well, as rodents and bugs can also cause allergies. To avoid irritation build-up, correct leaks, patch holes, clean the area, and keep it tidy and dry.

Step 4: Replace Your Air Filters

Remember, it’s not just the pollen that causes a dust allergy. If you fail to clean or replace filters in your heating and cooling system, then this can also cause allergic reactions as well. Take note to change your air filters accordingly.

Step 5: Consider a Room Air Purifier

No one likes to suffer from allergies, but unfortunately this is a common occurrence. The best way to avoid getting dust allergy all the time would be investing in an air purifier that filters out any allergens floating around your home. There are many different models and brands on the market, so you’re bound to find something for whatever budget or preference suits you.

When you are done with all of these steps, your home will be a much safer and healthier place for both yourself and your children. You won’t have to worry about the dangers that come from living in an environment filled with allergens. Your kids can play on clean floors without fear of getting sick or breaking out into hives because they’re no longer allergic to their own bedroom floor rug.

And best yet, everyone is happy again now that allergies haven’t been causing any more issues at home. So, what’s stopping you? Get started today by following our guide for making your house allergy-free as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on this opportunity any longer than necessary!

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