5 Summer Fashion Trends 2022

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Don’t know what to add to your wardrobe this spring/summer? Then I’ve got you. Fashion remains one of the most powerful ways by which one expresses themselves to the world.

And in the year 2022, we are going to do just that. However, this year is also going to see a lot of trends coming back from the 90s with a new twist. Because that’s what fashion is, what goes around comes around.

Now enough with the metaphors and proverbs, let’s dive into some fashion trends that are going to take over this year. Be ready to read some known faces because I know how much you have been obsessed with these looks

1. Pastel shades

Tell me a better combination than pastel and summers, I’ll wait. But one thing you should know is that pastel shades may seem like a summer trend but according to my research, this trend is definitely going to be over the whole of 2022.

You can literally find pastel shades on women’s clothing online stores everywhere. From Kylie Jenner to Gigi Hadid, everyone has been obsessing over pastel hues. And why not?

The colours give off such feminine vibes and it just makes you look so pretty even on days you don’t feel like it, and I don’t know about you but I think it’s something I would love to wear every day.

2. Pastel lime

We now agree that pastels are still going to be the face of summer fashion in 2022. But one color that specifically caught my attention was the pastel lime color. It is a beautiful mint green shade that almost looks like lemonade.

The green looks, fresh, soft therefore totally appropriate for the summers/spring. The best part about this fashion trend is you can pair it with any kind of aesthetic you like (cottage core, Y2K, minimal or baggy) and it looks equally chic.

Till now the best look in this shade has to go to Miss Kylie Jenner who was looking absolutely glamorous wearing a pastel lime co-ord set on her birthday. The dress has a halter neck, golden-chain straps, and a sexy back.

Basically, everything that needed to take the internet by storm (I meant in fashion, not another baby).

3. Unconventional bags

From Prada’s leather triangle shoulder bag to the Celine heart bag, Luis Vuitton’s cylindrical and Fendi’s Fendi first clutch everyone is seemingly obsessed with the new era of bags. And why not, we are so done with rectangles and squares now.

Uniquely shaped bags such as the ones mentioned above immediately catch attention and add an element of interest to the whole outfit.

And not just the fashion houses these unconventional bags have been given a warm welcome by fashion influencers all over Instagram too, most prominently seen on style influencer Camila Coelho, clicking twice with a white-coloured unconventional shaped bag.

Another trend that has been taking shape on this trend is the metallic-coloured bag. These metallic colours are perfect to add the shimmer to the summer collection and make the ladies go sparkle every time they carry one of these.

4. Y2K swirl prints

Funky prints and colourful hues were a thing in the 2000s but seem like they have made their way back and are ready to dominate the 2022 summer trend. The contrasting hues and swirls paired with minimal makeup and nude lip gloss are sure going to make you look straight out a runway show.

Even celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Dua Lipa are making these prints enter their closet and I am all here for it.

Especially Dua Lipa and her long sleeve Versace catsuit that contained prints of medusa’s heads, mixed with bright, sky blue, green, and neon coral highlights. She paired it with thin large hoops… and looked like a Goddess!

5. Logo overboard

In summers 2022, some will be opting for subtle looks, while others will be going all out and about with bold statement pieces. Another such example is the logo overboard in the fashion industry.

This year you will see logos printed on every piece of the item so that everyone knows where your stylish shoes are from before you go like “oh, it’s from Gucci”. I know it’s pretty tough to let go of that, but hey you still will have made a lasting impression, so that’s cool.

So what trend are you going to look forward to this year?

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