6 Summer Care Tips Every Pet Owner Must Know

Summer care tips

Every summer is a new season for pets. And it is when you can enjoy playing outdoors with them. But your dogs and cats need to be cared for to prevent anything from happening.

No matter where you live or what kind of pet you have, make sure that they can get the proper care especially during summertime. You have to be extra cautious to protect them against heat stroke and sunburns. Below are some ways to take care of your pets:

1) Give Water & Keep Cool

As humans, we all need to stay hydrated all the time, especially during summertime. All the living things on this planet cannot survive without water. Our pets, as living things, also need to stay hydrated to keep themselves healthy. The first important thing to do to take care of your pet during summertime is to give them enough water that they can’t be dehydrated.

Pets don’t speak like us, so you need to understand their water needs. Also, bring some shades for their eyes to keep their eyes healthy. You can take advice from vet workers for unharmed shades for your pet.

2) Don’t Remove Their Fur

You see, pet’s are made to endure every season naturally. Their fur is like their armour in every season. During summertime, their fur can protect their skin from overheating. So, if you are planning to remove their long fur into tiny fur, then you might not be choosing the right option. However, you can trim your pet’s but make sure to keep them long enough to protect their skin. When you visit the vet, you can ask them to keep your pet’s fur long enough to protect their skin.

3) Maintain Their Paws

Your pet might always be excited about going on long walks and running in the grass field to play with you. During summertime, it can be an issue for your pet to walk carefree because the ground might be hot everywhere. So, you need to maintain their paws. Bring cool socks or shoes for them that can keep their paws healthy and injury-free. You can get good shoes and socks from any good websites or companies like Pet City from the comfort of your home by ordering online.

4) Keep Them Clean Of Insects

Your pets are likely to wander off anywhere they want. They don’t mind wandering off in any season, but as a pet owner, you might know that there are possibilities of insects roaming around everywhere during the summertime. So, it’s essential to keep your fur baby free of insects because insects can cause itching to their body, and that can turn into disease if your pet’s itching gets mixed up with summer heat. You have to check their fur every hour or two so that if they have any insects inside their fur, you can remove them immediately.

5) Don’t Go In Too Much Heat

If you are planning a vacation for your family during the summertime, you can go for it, but if you are planning to take your pet/s with you, you have to make sure they remain indoors during most of the daytime.

 Although there are many sunscreens and other heat protection ways for your pets, if your pets might get allergic to the heat even unknowingly, then it might cause severe pain to them, and you can’t see your fur baby in pain; right? Take care of your pet while having fun on summer vacation.

6) Know Their Temperature

Your pets have different average body temperatures. During the summertime, it’s essential to keep their body temperature cool. You can ask a pet doctor what the average body temperature of your pet is. Usually, pets don’t sweat like us humans. They cool down their body while panting, but if they are panting heavily, their legs are wobbly, or they are drooling heavily, then you should visit the vet immediately. Their body temperature is the most important thing to maintain during the summertime.

These are some ways by which you can keep your pet safe from the summer heat.

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