5 Super Easy Smoke Tricks That You Should Try With Your Vape

The vaping world is full of fun ways to show off your smoke blowing skills. From cloud chasing competitions to cool vapor manipulations, there’s something for everyone.

Although it takes a lot of skill and practice to perfect the most amazing vaping tricks, there are several easy smoke tricks to get you started. By mastering these beginner tricks, you’ll have a good foundation as you advance towards learning the more difficult ones.

Keep reading to learn the easiest beginner vape tricks!

1. The Waterfall

With a little bit of ice and a container, you’ll turn your vapor into a liquid-like magic trick. Instead of filling the air with thick vapor clouds, you’ll change the vapor into something cool and tangible.

For this trick, you’ll want a container with some ice on the bottom. This works best with a container that has a small opening so that the vapor doesn’t escape too fast.

A plastic bottle is perfect for this trick.

Draw in from your vape in your favorite way, and then blow into the container so that the vapor goes into it instead of the air. If you’re not used to doing this, it might take a couple of tries to ensure all of the vapor goes inside.

Then, pick up the bottle and pour out the vapor. It’ll pool like liquid, instead of escaping like a gas. This is a magical trick that even the most novice vaper can perform!

2. The Dragon

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to breathe like a dragon, then this is the trick for you. It takes inspiration from the tendrils of smoke that escape from the grand fire-breathing creatures in movies. Once you try it for yourself, you’ll start to feel like a powerful dragon, too.

To start, draw in a big mouthful of vapor, but don’t inhale. You want the vapor to sit in your mouth rather than going into your lungs.

Next, open the corners of your mouth, but keep the center of your lips closed. Breath out with a lot of force through your nose so that the vapor is blown out from your nostrils, while also exhaling through your mouth.

It’s a little difficult to get the technique down at first, but once you figure it out, it’s easy to do whenever you want. Make sure to use a mirror to help you perfect this cool trick.

3. Tornado

We’ve all done that trick with water in a plastic bottle, swirling it around until it looks like a captured tornado. This trick takes that idea and makes it even more impressive. All you need for this is a vape that produces a lot of thick vapor.

Use an e-liquid with a high concentration of VG to produce the right kind of vapor for this trick.

After you’ve inhaled, exhale all of that vapor slowly and onto a smooth and flat surface. Let it collect into a low puddle that hovers over the surface.

Then, before the vapor dissipates, grab at the center of that puddle in a quick motion, and draw your hand up towards the ceiling. Think of it as though you’re pulling the vapor up with your hands.

If you’ve done it right, the vapor should follow your hand, twisting and shifting much like a tornado. You’ll want to do each step as fast as possible to get the best effect.

4. Smokey Bubbles

Remember the bubble wands you used to love as a kid? Well, this trick is the grown-up version of that activity, but better.

You’ll need some dish soap, a little bit of water, and a tube of some sort. Something wide, like a paper towel tube, works great for this trick.

Mix a dollop of dish soap with some water, until the consistency is thick but spreadable. Then dip one end of the tube into the mixture. Make sure the soap creates a thin film over the entire end as you’d do for a regular bubble wand.

Then, draw in from your favorite vape, and then carefully blow out through the un-soapy end of the tube. If the vapor dissipates before it reaches the bubble, cut the tube a little shorter.

The vapor should push through the soap and create a filled bubble. It looks a lot like a mystical orb floating in the air, which makes it a great party trick!

5. Vapor Rings

This is the most difficult trick on the list, but once you get the hang of making rings, you’ll be able to add so many other vaping tricks to your repertoire.

The first step to doing this trick is to draw the vapor into your lungs. Make sure to check out this post to learn more about the difference between DTL and MTL breathing techniques.

Open your mouth so that your lips create an ‘o’ shape. Lay your tongue flat to the bottom of your mouth and back towards your throat to create a large cavern for the smoke to play.

Then, breathe out in short rapid bursts, maintaining the position of your mouth and tongue. The vapor should blow out in neat little rings, one after another.

It takes a little practice to get the right technique. Keep practicing until you find that sweet spot and soon you’ll be making rings all over the place.

If you’re struggling to get it to work, a quick trick is to flick your finger against your cheek as you breathe out slowly. This small motion creates a similar effect, but it won’t help you with more difficult tricks.

Impress Your Friends With These Easy Smoke Tricks

Even if you don’t plan to take part in a full-blown competition, these easy smoke tricks are still great to perform for your friends. Even the simplest tricks are enough to amaze!

If you’re vaping anyway, why not learn a new skill while you’re at it? Practicing these tricks lets you enjoy your vape in a whole new way.

For more vaping content, make sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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