5 Things Your Wardrobe Can’t Go Without

Every closet should have some essential staples in it. If you don’t have at least one of the following items, you should! You never know when a special occasion may arise to use them, so consider the benefits of stocking up on the best things your wardrobe needs! Here are five things your wardrobe cannot go without:

Cocktail dresses

You never know when an event will come up where you may need a cocktail dress. Instead of having to rush last-minute to find the perfect cocktail party dresses, ensure that you already have a few you love in your closet. Whenever you feel the need for that retail therapy, go ahead and check out stores or online shops like The RealReal or Rent the Runway for options that will wow your audience, but you can rent instead at a fraction of the price instead of purchase.

Great shoes

When it comes to your wardrobe, you must stock up on the best pairs of shoes. Shoes make or break a look, so make sure you have some great-looking staple pairs of shoes in your closet. Shoes are a less in-your-face way to try out bold fashion trends. Your wardrobe needs a balance of fun statement shoes and practical day-to-day shoes.

From comfortable tennis shoes that keep it casual but show that you made an effort to heels for nights out on the town, every woman should have a pair of her favorite shoes to wear for any occasion. At the bare minimum, you should have a staple pair of sneakers, boots, sandals, heels, and athletic shoes. Shoes are one of the things you should invest in because the higher quality, the better the support. It’s important you have comfortable, trendy shoes for times when you’re on your feet for most of the day.


There’s always a reason to use a blazer, from springtime to winter cold. Blazers are the perfect way to dress up your look while also keeping it chill. 

They look great with jeans, but also a dress. They complement a pair of formal pants and look good with almost anything if styled correctly, so make sure you find a blazer that you love. Blazers are becoming a piece that we are seeing in the professional setting but also more and more in casual and fancy outfits. They are definitely a trend that is here to stay.

Great T’s

You know those soft T-shirts that simply look and feel good when you keep it easy and aren’t trying to dress up. T-shirts are easy to put on and wear, but they can look perfect for various occasions. When you pair them just right, they make you look stylish without trying. 

You’ll want to avoid t-shirts with giant prints or oversized ones that look like you should be sleeping in them. Instead, wear shirts that feel comfortable and uplifting but look perfect on you. If needed, speak to a stylist about helping you put together your perfect looks. 


It’s like denim never goes out of style. Whatever the casual occasion, you can wear denim to it—Denim’s cute, trendy, and pairs well with so many different types of outfits. From denim jackets to denim dresses, jeans, and shorts, wear denim however you like it, and don’t forget to wear it well. 

Denim is for the classic cool ones, the casual fashionistas, the people who know that they look good whenever and wherever. It should also be in everyone’s wardrobe so that they can grab it in an instant and still look good, even when they’re in a hurry. 

5 Things Your Wardrobe Can’t Go Without

In Conclusion

Freshening up your wardrobe is a great way to update your style and look great! In 2022, these staples mentioned above should all be included in your closet. From cute T’s to cocktail dresses, shop around for anything from casual to formal so that you’re always ready for any occasion that comes your way, dressed to kill. 

Your wardrobe should have the looks that make you feel good, so if it doesn’t, plan some shopping time today! 

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