7 Wardrobe Must-Haves to Create Endless Business Casual Outfits For Women This Fall

Fall is coming faster than ever and the unprepared may find themselves out in the cold!

There are dozens of fashion choices and potential items that you could drown looking at all the options! But today, we’ll keep it simple.

We’re going to look at getting the best business casual outfits for women this fall. All of that starts with 7 essential pieces.

Eager to find out more? We’ve got your guide right here. Read on below.

The 7 Key Pieces to Business Casual Outfits for Women

Business casual can be a confusing classification. It changes from business to business. Some are light on the casual, some are light on the business.

When in doubt, it’s good to find a balanced wardrobe. This requires a lot of simple basics.

If you had worries that conquering the business casual look would cost a fortune, then you’re in luck! Simple and easy are your best friends here.

With these 7 key pieces, in multiples with a good variety, of course, you’ll be good to go!

1. The Black Blazer

The simple black blazer is a godsend for when you need that perfect piece to top off a simple outfit. A black blazer works with almost anything and can add that touch of maturity to any outfit.

Black blazers pretty much define business casual. Without at least one in your wardrobe, you’re lacking.

2. The Simple but Fabulous Button-Down

Button-down shirts are a great foundation piece for any level of business casual. That’s because they can fit as well into a refined business setting as much as a laidback casual get-together.

You can be fun and inventive as well. There are so many cute and interesting designs and details a button-down shirt can have.

3. The Comfortable Heels

Shoes are an essential item to ground any good outfit, so you can’t forget them. For the business casual style, you want something comfortable and classy. Keeping in the range of drawing attention, but not oozing flair.

The Balenciaga shoes from SSense have a wonderful bit of variety that can help balance out any wardrobe.

4. The Fun Blouse

Business casual allows you to find a nice balance between “night on the town” and “boring bookkeeper”. There are a lot of cute little blouse designs that don’t push too hard on the risque boundary while allowing for some fun in your outfits.

5. The Easy and Cute Dress

A simple, solid-coloured and sleek dress can be a great staple of a business casual wardrobe. A dress is a great go-to “all-in-one” outfit, and keeping yourself to a single solid colour and an appropriate length is a great way to nail a look.

6. The Versatile Cardigan

The fall weather can get a bit cold, so having a bit more warmth in your wardrobe is not only a good idea, but it can be fashionable too!

Cardigans are very versatile, coming in a great number of neutral styles and any colour you can imagine. Get a wide range if you need the warmth!

7. The Traditional Black Trousers

Not every workplace goes so far into business casual to allow jeans. Some might, and if it works and you got a nice and classy pair, go for it.

To be on the safe side, you can never go wrong with a simple pair of black trousers. They can go with almost any outfit, tie a few other pieces together, and fit in a perfect balance between business and casual.

Fashionable and Informed

Getting cute and fashionable business casual outfits for women can be an easy task if you break it down into the essentials. With this list, you’re golden for any business casual scenario.

For all other scenarios, information like this guide is key. We at Reader’s Digest have articles on any scenario you can ask for. Why not look around?

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