5 Tips for Packaging Your Buds

CBD packaging

The cannabis markets are experiencing an unprecedented boom lately. That could be due, in part, to the pandemic because stress is at an all-time high. 

Your packaging solution will make or break your brand. Take the time to do the proper research to design the perfect packaging for your product. Your customers will be sure to keep returning for more if they’re happy with how their parcel looks on arrival.

The following five tips will help you to create the perfect packaging for your buds:

1. Understand the Regulations for Your State

Your packaging design needs to accomplish two main elements. Firstly, the packaging is the best way to market your buds to your target audience. If your customers are older folks with glaucoma, your packaging should contain large print fonts and bright colors. Secondly, the packaging needs to contain essential information about your product. Each state has different packaging compliance regulations that you need to adhere to.

2. Brand Recognition

When it comes to the design of your packaging solution, first impressions matter. Your bud packaging will likely be the first experience your new customer has with your brand. Do your best to ensure that this experience is a good one. Take the time to design the perfect logo and choose the correct language. The language of your brand is so much more than just the actual language you use to communicate with your customers. Your brand language includes the font, texture, and tone your brand sets.

3. Use High-Quality Packaging

The best tip you’ll ever get is to use good quality, custom smell-proof bags. High-quality packaging allows you to embrace a minimalist approach that will give your brand a contemporary and stylish look. When selecting the packaging, use shades of green – both literally and figuratively. Choose easily decomposable packaging. Be a cannabis brand that embraces and encourages sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

4. Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis is still the most accepted reason for cannabis use; it is far more accepted than recreational reasons. This will, and is, changing but it is going to take a bit of time still. When designing your perfect packaging, keep this in mind by incorporating imagery that depicts a healthy lifestyle. Think of calming images like sunsets or rivers. Being close to nature is a fun way to sell cannabis to your customers.

5. Protect Your Product

Ensuring that your product is protected should be your number one priority. Your packaging needs to be strong, durable, and re-sealable. Paper cannabis packaging is mostly seen in the form of a pouch. The ideal packaging will be waterproof with an almost wax-like feel to it. This is the best way to keep your product dry and fresh. Your packages need to provide your customers with an easy storage solution. If you ship your product, consider investing in more expensive packaging solutions. These can include things like paper boxes with glass containers. If you are selling oils then you’ll have to choose a solution like the one above.

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