5 Ways to Rock Booty Shorts

5 Ways to Rock Booty Shorts

Booty shorts are some of the perfect outfits for summer and spring. Of course, you can rock them during the winter also and all you have to add are thick tights to give you the extra comfort and warmth during the chilly winter. Booty shorts are great styles because they are versatile and very comfy.

If you are looking to achieve a stunning but street-style look, booty shorts are an excellent choice. This pair of an outfit is also great for the beach. Are you planning a summer vacation to spend some time at the beach? Well, your packing is not complete without a couple of booty shorts and nice tops.

If you want to look stunning and turn heads under the summer sun, it is time to start shopping for some pairs if you do not already have them. So, how to rock booty shorts that make you stand out? Let us check out five different ways to rock these pairs of beauty!

  • Booty Shorts with Chambray Shirt

When paired with gladiator sandals, the whole ensemble looks sultry, sexy, edgy, and completely ladylike. Booty shorts are versatile, which makes them easy to combine with different tops and footwear. There are endless possibilities in terms of combination.

If you want to achieve a summer look, the chambray shirt with the gladiator sandals makes the booty shorts look exceptionally stunning. If you want to achieve a voguish and super chic look, you can pair it with crispy clean white shirts. To give a touch of a statement, try adding some modern jewelry designs like chunky bracelets or a statement necklace.

  • Booty Shorts with Color Block Shirt

You can look sexy, chic, and classy at the same time when you know how to combine your booty shorts. Another way you can rock this piece is with a color block shirt with a chic leather handbag. Make sure that your bag has some color connection with the shirt. To seal the look, you can add aviator sunglasses.

This is one of the great ways to achieve a smart-casual look without doing so much. So, the next time you want to rock your booty shorts, pair them with a care-free-looking color block shirt and leave some buttons loose. You are sure going to turn heads.

  • Booty Shorts with Chambray Shirt and Zip Coat

Recall that we mentioned that you could also rock your booty shorts during winter. Well, here is a great idea of how to go about it. Pair your shorts with a chambray shirt and a black coat. You may want to tuck in the shirt to make the whole ensemble chic and all-put-together. You can pair it with an animal print handbag and black booties and a pair of sunglasses for accessories.

  • Booty Shorts with High-top Wedge Sneakers and Pullover

When the wind starts hitting home and you are not ready to go all covered up, this combination is a great way to look chic and class and still keep the cold away. You can achieve a fantastic look when you rock your booty shorts with chambray shirts, high-top wedge sneakers, and a cute lightweight pullover. To finish off the cool look, pair everything with a print clutch and a light piece of jewelry.

  • Booty Shorts with Denim Cover-ups

When you want to look girlish and sporty at the same time, this is the perfect combination. Give off a carefree look with distressed and ripped booty shorts with denim cover-ups and motor jackets. For your footwear, a pair of cute sneakers wedge will be perfect.


There you have great five ways you can rock your booty shorts. Do you have the right pairs of booty shorts? If you do not, it is time to start shopping for some.

Written by George K.

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