6 Best Food to Eat Before Playing Your Best Round of Golf

A balanced diet is essential for every athlete as food is fuel for the body. You must take into your body what would nourish and aid your mental and physical performance. What you eat or drink before or during a round of golf at Algarve Golf Holidays or other events is essential.

For you to experience your best round of golf, you will need to eat healthily. The food you eat should serve as fuel for your body during the game. You have to prepare in advance and not depend on the food available at the golf course.

A sports nutritionist that worked with a European Tour player by the name, Matt Jones, reported the best foods to eat before or during a round. These foods include meals rich in healthy fats, protein, low-glycemic complex carbohydrates. Examples are beans, fruits and vegetables, and little quantity of starches such as potatoes, quinoa, rice, or whole-grain slices of bread.

Jones made an eating plan called “Super 6 Strategy”. His strategy will stabilize your energy level for the first six holes. He also said eating fruits such as apples, oranges, and nuts will help maintain energy in the middle six holes. Your goal should be to finish strong on the last six holes, which is where your energy boost is needed. You can take in loads of water during the game and high-carb snacks like dried fruit during the last six holes.

Some meals you can carry along for you to play the best round of golf are;

  • Hard-boiled eggs- It contains much protein that would give you energy and constant focus.
  • Fresh Fruits- Whole fruits are rich in fiber and necessary nutrients. Examples include bananas, apples, grapes, pears, and many more.
  • Nuts– Nuts are a healthy food that contains proteins, fats, and minerals that can help your body with sufficient energy for your golf courses.
  • Jerky– It is a healthy food filled with protein that provides enough energy for your game. It includes Beef, Turkey, Chicken, and they don’t leave you feeling heavy.
  • Veggies- Veggies are packed with lots of fibers and aid you in focusing on your game. They include celery sticks, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and bell pepper.
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich- Peanut butter is packed with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and protein. You can pack your sandwich spread with peanut butter, and ensure you make use of whole-grain bread. This combination will provide you with the energy required for your last six holes.
  • Drink plenty of water- Remember to stay hydrated during your game. Water is the best option as sports drinks can get you wary, although they can replace your electrolytes and others.

You may be aware of these things written above. But when it comes to making healthy decisions, you can not seem to follow through.

You must remember that when you make healthy choices with your food. You could enjoy your meal while being more energetic and focused. You ought to also remember that a healthy diet keeps you energized and help you play better.

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