Top 7 Habits of Women with Healthy Hair

In this era of endless stress, nonstop hair straightening, tons of chemical hair treatments, and dangerously high air pollution levels, handling your hair has become even more challenging. No need to panic though. We are here to provide you with a few expert-approved adjustments to your hair care routine that will help you keep your strands healthy.

Bad hair days affect our confidence, that’s a fact. And we know you’d sooner sell your soul to the devil than quit your favorite blow dryer and hair straightener, so you’re probably feeling kinda hopeless right now. However, we’ve got some handy tips to assist you in boosting your hair health — without compromising your hair’s beauty and sleekness. Read on and head to Monica’s blog if you want more healthy hair secrets…

1. Your Scalp Matters

Healthy strands start with a healthy scalp, that’s a given. Therefore, if you’re experiencing scalp dryness or itchiness, contact your doctor immediately. Dealing with dandruff? Opt for a treatment solution that contains salicylic acid. it will aid you in exfoliating those flakes away.

2. Don’t Overwash It

Did you know that getting your hair wet too often makes your strands swell from the inside? That, in its turn, results in regular frizz and breakage. A dirty scalp is no good either, so make sure you find the perfect balance for your type of hair when it comes to this aspect.

3. Avoid Over-Brushing

No one wants to be seen with bedhead at work. And there’s nothing unhealthy about brushing your hair in the morning before leaving home. However, if you overbrush throughout the day, you run the risk of significantly weakening your strands.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy scalp (and healthy strands) start from within. So make sure you feed your hair follicles well enough by opting for healthy fruits and veggies on a regular basis — that is, if you want your tresses to be strong and look fantastic, of course. Make sure that eggs, beans, fish, and meat are always on your menu. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

5. Invest in a Stylish Sun Hat

To prevent the sun from burning your scalp, as well as oxidizing your hair and drying it out, make sure you treat yourself to a beautiful summer hat. Pick the hat style that suits you best and have as much fun in the sun as you want!

6. Get Regular Trims

This may sound illogical, but if you want to grow out your hair and keep it healthy, you need to get trims on the regular. By getting rid of the damaged, broken ends, you will keep your strands at their healthiest.

7. Keep Calm & Let Your Strands Chill

When you’re stressed, your whole body is stressed — and that includes your scalp as well. Do your best to reduce stress if you want your hair to be healthy and look gorgeous. Don’t forget to go natural on your strands once in a while. Let your hair air-dry, avoid those too-tight favorite styles of yours, and forget about that flat iron at least for the weekend… In other words, give your tresses some rest whenever you can. By practicing all these habits, you will take your hair from distressed and brittle to healthy and bouncy.

Written by nikola

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