6 Factors To Consider When Planning To Move Down Under

Australia: the land of beaches, kangaroos, and vegemite. It’s a beautiful country that boasts a variety of cultures, which is why many people like to visit it and live there. However, when you’re moving overseas, the process can be a bit more complicated than moving to a different state. While the cost is one concern, being exposed to a completely different culture can be shocking. On that note, if you’re planning on moving there, here are 6 things you should consider.

  • Location and Period of Stay

Australia is a massive country that spans over seven million kilometers, about the same size as Europe, so it’s pretty much a given that visiting the whole area needs time, money, and energy, or else it’s an impossible feat. This is why it’s important for you to decide on a specific location to move to and the period of time you plan on staying. Moreover, if you’re going there for work and are planning to stay for three years or more, then according to the Australian Government, you need to complete at least 6 months of agricultural work. You should carefully choose where you plan to complete your agricultural work and where you’ll live next.

  • A Visa Is Required

Following the previous point, depending on your travel purpose, your current dwelling location, and your intended length of stay, a visa will be needed for entry to the land down under. It’s quite common for some people to not be allowed entry (or to even board the airplane) if they don’t have a visa, which is why it’s a crucial consideration. Australia has many different types of visas and the first thing you should do is pick the type you need. To identify which one suits your needs best, you can either properly research all types yourself and match them with your circumstances, or you can hire visa agents experienced in identifying the most suitable type of visa for each case.

  • Relocating Your Items

It’s already very difficult to move from one country to another, and adding your belongings to the equation will make it even more difficult. This is why you should leave yourself ample time to downsize your belongings, getting rid of unnecessary items. Once you’ve figured out what you’ll sell and what you’ll take with you, you can hire experienced relocators to relieve you of this burden. Experienced relocators at recommend that you opt for a door to door international service to make things easier. However, it should be noted that you don’t need to take all of your furniture and home appliances with you as Australia has an infamous day called “Hard Rubbish Day” where citizens all over Australia leave these items outside for others to take. You can find many useful things there.

  • Dealing With Money

You will need a lot of money when moving to Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one person’s average living cost in Australia is $2,835 per month. If you’re planning to stay there for a few months without a job, then make sure to save up an amount that can cover an expensive living lifestyle. However, if you do get a job right away, don’t worry about money because salaries are great down under. Another thing you need to consider when working there are taxes. Get a Tax Filing Number (TFN) before you start working as this will save you a lot of money. People who work without TFN will have a 45% tax rate on their wages regardless of their income. Researching about tax is troublesome, but will financially save you once you understand it. It’s also a good idea to open an Australian bank account.

  • Mobile Networks

Signing up with a reliable mobile network is essential in Australia. Australia is really big and has a lot of outback areas. Moreover, they don’t have a National Broadband Network. Without good broadband, you’ll find it difficult to receive a connection when in the countryside, which is, of course, annoying, and can also be quite dangerous.

  • Weather, Nature, and Wildlife

The weather in Australia can vary from one area to another. You can travel from one extremely hot area to one where snow is falling everywhere. However, when it comes to the heat, it can get really suffocating as it reaches over 40°C and that can sometimes lead to bushfires. It’s also a myth that their wildlife is more dangerous than anything else. In fact, more people get injured or killed because of bushfires than through an encounter with an animal or venomous spider. It’ll be very rare for you to encounter such a thing.

6 Factors To Consider When Planning To Move Down Under

There you have it! These are the things you need to consider when moving to Aussieland. Australia is a beautiful place filled with a variety of environments, activities, and people. You’ll surely love it there, but make sure that you’re prepared and that you have all the documents you need before you apply for that visa. 

Written by George K.

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