4 Tips To Achieve Healthy Sleep This Year

We all want to have a better year than last year. Did you know that one of the key components of a happy life is to sleep well? So many people ignore this simple fact but a good night of sleep can be a game-changer in almost every area of your life. 

Do you need to lose weight? Getting enough sleep can help you have enough energy to exercise. Do you have a demanding job and need to be on-point and ready to slay in the light of day? Sleep can work wonders to keep brain fog at bay. We could go on about the benefits of sleeping well but you probably get the idea, right? If sleep has been escaping you, these four tips may help you sleep better in 2021:

  1. Is your pillow right for you?

Pillows are a very personal thing. Some of us like to stack them up high while others like to use just one. Some people want a thin, hard pillow, others want fluffy, full-of-goose feathers pillows to aid them in their sleep. You may actually need a pillow designed to provide relief for your shoulders or maybe you need an acid reflux pillow. It may take time to discover the right option for you, but finding the right pillow can make a night-and-day difference in your sleep quality

  1. Is your mattress outdated?  

Have you been sleeping on the same mattress for years? Chances are, you have been. Next, did you choose the type of mattress for your needs when you bought it? From causing back pain to not supporting any issues you may have, the wrong mattress can wreak havoc on your sleep. From your weight to your height to other underlying issues, the type of support and comfort provided by a mattress is something you want to consider when mattress shopping. If you can shop in-store right now, consider taking some time to lay down on the mattresses to consider their firmness or softness, to determine whether it’s right for you. Find the right mattress and the future, rested you will be grateful you did.  

  1. How is your sleep environment? 

Do you enjoy your room’s ambience? Did you set it up in a way that you appreciate? The way you feel about your room can impact how relaxed you are resting in it. Additionally, have you taken time to notice if light bothers you when you sleep and are there ways that light is getting in your room that could be affecting how easily you drift off? What about the temperature? If you’re the kind of person to wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot, your room’s temperature could possibly be a tad bit cooler. There are a variety of factors that you may not pay attention to that impact the quality of your sleep. 

  1. How are external factors affecting your sleep? 

While you may be able to control your home and room’s environment, what’s going on outside? We can’t always have our neighborhood as quiet as we’d like or convince neighbors to be quiet when we want to sleep, can we? If you find that a neighbor’s dog barks a lot at night and it affects your sleep or you have fun neighbors who love a good party, the noise may be keeping you from resting well at night. Consider investing in a noise-machine or box fan to add that white noise that blocks out the disruptive external factors. 

4 Tips To Achieve Healthy Sleep This Year

In Conclusion

Let’s start the year well by putting in effort to gain benefits from our sleep. While it may mean an initial investment to get your pillow, bed, and environment just right for sleeping, the final result will be worth it. A more rested you is going to be a calmer, happier, and more energetic you, which can help you have a much better year than ever before. 

Written by George K.

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