6 Types Of Mattresses That Can Be Used By Any Bed Rest Patient

If you have a bed rest patient at home or staying in a hospital, you would be in need of the right mattress for any individual. Having the right product is essential for his or her physical and mental well-being. A good mattress, besides giving restful sleep, is also an excellent therapeutic. Browse this list to know the perfect mattress for your bed rest patient.

1. Water and gel mattresses

These mattresses are filled with water or gel and are designed to protect patients from pressure ulcers. It’s been observed that patients who lie on their beds for too long develop sores and ulcers. Gel-based mattresses prevent those ulcers from erupting on the body of the patient.

Gel-based mattresses work on the visco-gel polymer-based technology. These mattresses distribute pressure evenly and dissipate the body heat quickly. Sleeping on these mattresses makes you feel refreshed, and your stress levels go down significantly.

2. Foam based mattresses

These mattresses are filled with foam and are cost-effective. Doctors prescribe these mattresses for patients who are bed-ridden for a long time. Apart from being cost-effective, foam mattresses offer comfort and restful sleep to patients who have a chronic back problem. Foam based mattresses come in various configurations- with or without edges, water-resistant or latex-free.

3. Innerspring mattresses

As the name suggests, these mattresses are fitted with springs to add stability. Many innerspring mattresses are also made with foam and fibre for durability and comfort. These mattresses are best used for patients having short-term back problems. Some companies offer mattresses that can be adjusted according to the length of the patient. If you are looking for superior mattresses for your elderly or infirm patients, click here.

4. Hybrid pressure mattresses

Some mattresses combine foam and air technologies to provide unprecedented comfort to bed-ridden patients. We have seen above that pressure sores come up on the skins of patients who have been restricted to beds for far too long. Hybrid pressure mattresses solve this problem. You may consider replacing the hospital mattress with this superior product.

5. Combination therapy mattresses

These mattresses work on two or more technologies to provide optimal comfort to patients. The main aim of these products is to prevent bedsores from erupting on the patient’s skin. Bedsores, if not prevented or treated, may lead to open wounds that may cause further complications. If you have an elderly or an infirm patient who has been confined to bed for long, consider buying this mattress.

6. Lateral rotation mattresses

Another mattress you may consider buying is the lateral rotation mattress. This product is especially useful in cases where the patient is lying on the bed for many hours and is unable to move laterally. Buy a lateral rotation mattress to give instant comfort to the patient. This product also prevents painful bedsores from erupting on the patient’s skin. While these are some of the top mattresses one can buy for the bed-ridden, there are a few other products for you to consider.

One exciting product for your patient can be the Alternating Pressure Mattress. This product alternates pressure from the patient’s body on the mattress. This way, you can prevent body sores and pressure ulcers from appearing on his skin. Alternating Pressure Mattresses are used for patients battling burn injuries, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. While buying an ideal mattress, please take care of a few factors.

Consider the skin type of the patient. The fibre of the mattress should not cause allergy to him or her. Secondly, the mattress should suit the body structure of your elderly. Please consult a doctor in this regard.

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