Is LASIK Surgery Worth The Money? Know All About It

Weak eyesight is a common thing these days. People today are staring into screens for hours at a stretch. The prolonged exposure to the rays emitted by laptop/ mobile phone screens results in weak eyesight. However, screens are not the only nemesis the human eye has to fight. There are undoubtedly other factors such as age, genes, and premature birth, etc. 8 million people around the world have a refractive error.

Refractive error is an ailment where the eye has a hard time focusing the light on the retina, further leading to an inaccurate vision. This is a result of distorted eye shape. Common refractive errors include near-sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, and far-sightedness.

The traditional treatment for refractive error is wearing spectacles and contact lenses. However, a lot has changed now! Gone are those days where humans would make do with large glass frames or irritating lenses; the modern solution seems to be in LASIK surgery!

The sigh of relief came with the approval of LASIK surgery in 1999. Back in the early 90s, people were apprehensive about getting it done since it was a less explored field of medicine. However, now LASIK surgery is the go-to option for a lot of people.

Over 30 million people opted for LASIK surgery in the year 2017. No wonder, LASIK surgery has got its audience now, and is soon becoming a more popular treatment for refractive eye disorders! However, let’s see if the procedure is genuine, all that wonderful!

Is LASIK worth it?

A typical LASIK procedure takes about 20 minutes, and the patient, in most cases, would be able to resume their life as it was within three days from the surgery. LASIK means Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis.

This procedure involves the change in the shape of the eye. The operation is done with a laser and is one of the most accurate methods to correct the vision. A few reasons to opt for LASIK surgery for correction are:

  1. This surgery is quick and precise.
  2. No more looking for specs or buying expensive contact lenses.
  3. About 30% of people who undergo LASIK treatment regain 20/20 vision.

Are there any risks involved?

The shape of the eyes keeps changing with age. Therefore, like every other medical procedure, LASIK has its drawbacks. However, these drawbacks aren’t something that can’t be corrected with care.

  1. There is an off-chance that a patient might need to get the LASIK operation done again.
  2. All those who are above the age of 40 are advised not to opt for the procedure.
  3. LASIK procedure causes dryness in the eyes for close to 3 months, but this can be fixed with eye drops.

What should one look for when opting for the LASIK procedure?

Since a person’s eyes are at stake, they should be extra careful while zeroing down on the facility where they’d like to have their procedure done. At this point, a person’s instincts will come to play.

  1. Look for their body language: over-promising results, a sales pitch for a consultation- these are huge red flags everyone should avoid.
  2. A surgeon should have excellent online reviews and over 10,000 certain surgeries performed.
  3. Go for an experienced team of professionals. Personal Eyes is one such specializing team of doctors, which are known for handling thousands of cases with extreme detail and success.
  4. Ask a lot of questions and remove any doubts/ apprehensions before the surgery.

Key takeaway

LASIK surgery is a delicate procedure that needs to be performed with care. Significant measures are taken to ensure that the surgery is neat and sanitary. Since it involves your eyes, you should take the utmost care while selecting their surgeons. A lot of people prefer a specs-free look, and LASIK makes that dream come true.

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