The Sleepy Cannabinoid: What Is Cannabinol and What Are Its Effects?

Cannabinol is found in cannabis plants, and is an important compound when used right. If you’re a current cannabis user, then CBN benefits are already well known. For new users, the different types of available cannabinoids can be confusing. Is cannabinol as good as the experts say? And how can its effects improve your life?

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are one of over 480 useful compounds found in cannabis plants. If you want to categorize cannabinoids by number, there are over 60 of the 480 that can be identified as such. The most well-known cannabinoid has psychoactive ingredients, and is better known as THC.

Consumers that are looking for the health benefits of cannabis usually prioritize compounds like cannabinol, a significant part of the plant resin extract. CBN is technically a branch of THC, but with mild psychoactive components. This slight difference in its makeup gives it completely different effects compared to THC. Because of that, CBN is useful as a sedative or sleep aid.

Using CBN To Help Insomnia

When you can’t sleep, it completely changes how your mind and body functions. A bad sleep schedule affects work production, emotions and even motor skills. Your brain spends the entire day dropping bits of important information by operating at less than full capacity. On the physical side, your face and body can’t hide the damage that a prolonged lack of sleep causes.

Caffeine, energy drinks and power naps are a Band-Aid to what you really need – sleep. But what happens when you try to sleep and your mind won’t cooperate? Cannabinol contains a natural sedative that eases your mind and body. Once it interacts with your system, CBN melts away the stress of a mind that can’t focus on the task at hand.

For multitaskers, this is the greatest thing in the world. Multitaskers are high functioning workers that handle a weeks’ worth of tasks in one day. When you lay your head on a pillow, your mind is still racing at twice the speed while trying desperately to plan future tasks. CBN is the drill instructor that tells the mind and body ‘lights out’ for the night.

The more time you waste trying to go to sleep, the less time you have to actually rest.

Consumption Methods

You should think long and hard about how you want to consume cannabinol. There are no downsides to any of the options, but getting into a routine is a part of the process. If you hate pills, then there is no point in getting CBD pills. CBD gummies are a solid alternative, and there is no degradation in cannabinol quality when doing so. Find the consumption method that works best for your particular lifestyle. Since the effects are the same, it is all about being convenient.

Wrap Up

You can spend years researching cannabinol and only scratch the surface of its importance. The medicinal compounds are unique, and the benefits are endless. Take the time to learn a bit more about CBN, and you’ll better understand its growing popularity.

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