How to File Military Medical Malpractice – A Helpful Guide

For many years now, the military served as a symbol of trust, competence, power, and accountability. While serving in the military you are held to a very high expectation when upholding yourself in either civilian situations, or overseas serving a tour. While serving in the military, a constant threat and possibility is the notion of being harmed in some way, which will ultimately result in you needing medical attention in a quick and efficient manner. Unfortunately, as with anything in life, sometimes things do not go as planned and mistakes can happen. When you are a soldier you do not have the freedom that civilians do in choosing their doctor and searching through many different options before deciding who they want to treat them. 

For this reason, it is incredibly important that military doctors are held to a very high standard and are always practicing medicine in a safe and thoughtful manner. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, which sometimes results in medical military malpractice. This happens when a military doctor does something improper with a patient, usually causing undue harm or complications. This article will seek to outline a few helpful hints that can help you when filing a military medical malpractice suit.


One of the biggest reasons that people often file any kind of medical malpractice lawsuit is because they believe that they have been misdiagnosed. Misdiagnosis is especially dangerous because it often has a double-pronged effect in relation to medical care. This is due to the fact that the real issue has not been dealt with, while treatments for a misdiagnosed issue also have a negative effect on your body or mind. This is often compounded by the fact that while not being treated, the real issue or condition can often get much worse. This results in issues springing up which otherwise would not have occurred. 

Getting Legal Help

If you are a soldier who believes that you have been subject to some form of military medical malpractice, then chances are pretty good that you are not someone with the professional capacity to represent yourself in court when filing a malpractice lawsuit claim. 

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you seek out proper legal counsel before going through any of the motions associated with filing a lawsuit. Experts at discuss who is eligible for this type of claim, and the various things that must be considered and collected when trying to process a claim. By getting professional help then you will be able to know without a doubt that all of your paperwork is being processed properly, and that you are being given advice from someone who truly understands the lay of the land in a legal sense. 

Gather Evidence

If you have looked into legal counsel and they believe that you have a case that can be brought into court successfully, then the next important step is to gather evidence in order to bolster your claim. This process can look quite different depending on the situation. Generally speaking, you will need to find and gather all of the relevant medical documentation that you received while in the care of the physician or clinic which you are accusing of malpractice. This should include things like test results, second opinions, and prescriptions that were given to you throughout your time in care. This will help to give your lawyer a clearer idea of the type of case which they will be able to make and allow them to give you better advice in the long run. This can easily be accomplished by taking a series of pictures, requesting documents, and looking for other ways in which you can prove that you were wronged in some way by your military medical team. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different strategies associated with filing a military medical malpractice suit. It can be incredibly frustrating when you put your life on the line to protect your country and are then injured only to be treated improperly by your attending military physician. If you are someone who has experienced this, then the aforementioned tips and tricks should help to shed light on a few key points which must be considered when filing this type of malpractice lawsuit. Ultimately, it would be best if these types of issues never occurred in the first place, but everyone knows that is not the reality. The best thing you can do is handle these types of issues with grace, patience, and good legal counsel.

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