4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips From the Pros

If your bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover, it can be hard to know where to begin. Especially if you’d like to keep the cost of the alterations down, it can be tricky to navigate online advertisements and marketing sales forces to figure out what you can afford and what will actually make a big difference in the look and feel of your space.


The following will explore four things you can do to give your bathroom a makeover that won’t hurt your bank account. Special attention will be paid to alterations that not only make things look lovely but make the space feel good when you’re inside of it. There’s no point in putting in all this time and effort if the changes you make are actually making anyone in the bathroom feel stressed or grossed out or unsettled.

House Plants Can Go in the Bathroom Too!

One of the biggest impact makeover tips with the lowest cost is to add a bit of life into your space with plants. A little aloe plant on the windowsill or a cute cactus on the counter beside the soap can make your space feel lively and fresh. As a bonus, house plants have been shown to clean the air of toxins, reduce stress and anxiety, increase creativity and boost your mood—if that’s not enough reason to include a plant in your bathroom, I don’t know what is. Bathrooms, in particular, are full of indoor toxins because of all the products we use in there for our hygiene and for cleaning purposes.

Replace the Thing That Causes the Most Trouble

Every bathroom in need of a makeover has that one thing that doesn’t work as well as it used to or looks like it was hand-picked by a cat lady from the 1960s and no longer matches anything you could ever think you’d want to keep in your bathroom. To make sure you’re saving money on this (as it could be a bigger purchase), take the time to read reviews and shop around. If you’re thinking of replacing the toilet, for example, you could click here and read reviews on all the different options available to you. This will help you make sure you’re taking into consideration function and style.

Play with the Lighting

Lighting has a massive impact on the feeling of space and our mood when we’re within it. Replacing the lightbulbs in your bathroom can make a huge difference—probably a bigger difference than you previously thought. Bright white can make a space feel clean, whereas a warmer-toned bulb can make the space feel warm and inviting. You might even be able to save yourself some money on utilities by opting for bulbs that use less energy.


While you’re at it, take a moment to understand how the natural lighting is working in your bathroom. Studies have shown natural light improves your mood and your health. To maximize what is coming through your window, see if you can position a mirror opposite your source of natural light. If you want to get really fun with it, you can use sun-catching dials or ornaments. Nothing is more relaxing than taking a long hot bath while the light dances on the walls around you.

Get a Nice Shower Curtain

Shower curtains get grimy easily, and often we try to save a few bucks by sticking with the old plastic one that the previous owner probably got from the dollar store. It turns out that even nice, pretty shower curtains don’t actually cost that much. You can get something lovely that acts as a beautiful statement piece for fifteen to twenty dollars. When shopping, try to find one that is washing machine safe so you can just toss it in the wash with the towels every so often and have that fresh, hotel-bathroom feeling whenever you want.


With the above four tips, you are well on your way to giving your bathroom a lovely makeover that won’t leave your bank account hurting. Improving the look and feel of the space doesn’t have to involve a complete overhaul or renovation, sometimes all it takes is a few well-thought-out purchases and a couple of teeny changes. Incorporating plants, good lighting, natural lighting, a fresh, new shower curtain, and one bigger alteration can really boost the ambiance and overall vibe of your space. Beyond this, all these changes greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, and most of them cost you less than forty dollars.

Written by nikola

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