6 Things to Do Before Getting Your Home Valuation

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to know it’s worth before making improvements, a property valuation is important. However, it can be a stressful process, especially when you want to get the best estimation possible. Luckily enough, there are few things you can do to make everything easier.

Want to learn more? Then keep on reading! In this article, we are going to take a look at six things to do before getting your home valuation. 

Deep clean everything

While having a few dusty objects isn’t going to greatly affect your property valuation, making sure that everything is clean and tidy will help showcase your home in the best way possible. Just as if you were selling it, remember to mow the lawn, take out the rubbish, vacuum, mop, and put everything in its place. If you’re looking for assistance, Woodard residential cleaning can be a great place to start.

Gather documentation

Another step to take before organizing your home valuation is to gather all the essential documentation. If you have any copies of an approved building plan, having these prepared can help speed up the entire process. Alongside this, having pre-existing valuations ready can help you determine if the property has gone up or down in price.

Fix eyesores

While you might not think it, tiny eyesores like a chip in the wall or scratch on the floorboard can add up and impact your finalized valuation. Before booking your appointment, take time out to fix any of these minor issues. Remember, you want to show the property in the best light possible, so investing a little bit of money is definitely worth it.

Know your area

If your property has any hidden special features, make sure you let your valuer know this in advance so that they can take them into consideration. This could be things like recent home remodeling or renovations that could be easily missed. If you have evidence of these, such as the approximate cost, they should also be included.

Get a pest and building inspection

One of the things that will be assessed during your home valuation is the structural condition of the building. By getting a pest and building inspection in advance, you can determine if there are any significant issues and fix them before the situation gets worse. Remember, certain pests such as termites can chew away at your walls for months before you notice, so it’s better to be one step ahead.

For Florida locals, for example, simply look up premier pest control services in Sarasota or your surrounding area to get an idea of costs. This quick and easy step could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Get ready

Finally, the very last thing you want to do before your appointment is to get yourself ready. If you have pets or children, try finding someone to look after them so that the valuer can do their job without any distractions. Once the process is over, you’ll also need to wait a few weeks before getting the approximation.

And that’s it! By reading through the above, you can now get ready for your home evaluation.

Good luck!

Written by George K.

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