Relevant Highster Mobile Review 2021

Highster mobile is a very well-known and popular spy app which allows you to monitor smartphones and tablets of your loved ones. It provides you with a wide variety of features that lets you see what the other person is doing. It was made to help users protect their family members and loved ones from any kind of dangerous situation but has failed to provide satisfactory service.

You can search Highster reviews on and see that more than 90% of their users are complaining about their app’s performance and service. It used to be one of the best parental control apps for smartphones with all the top features. They had a very user-friendly interface which allows everyone to understand the app easily. Parents could track their child’s location, view call records, and text messages with only a few clicks.

Now it’s not available on both Android and iOS, you can only get the full Highster mobile app from the company’s website for $70 which is insane considering how bad their app is. You can clearly see Highster spy app reviews on where people are calling their product a scam. You can also read many articles where users claim that their customer service is horrible and their calls go straight to a voicemail box.

Free Sign Up Trick

There are various Highster cell phone tracking app reviews where people said that when they signed up on their app for a free trial, their membership got cancelled only after a few hours but they were still charged $70. We don’t know how many of those reviews are original but considering that they are everywhere this might be a real issue.

Worst Customer Support

On Highster official website, they claim that their customer service team is available 24/7 and you can call or send them a message via chat whenever you face any issue with their software. But according to Highster spy app reviews, many users state that they left messages on their customer support number but never received a single reply from their team.

Even the email address that they gave on their official website is not original! Many of their users tried sending them an email but claim that their email didn’t get delivered as there is no such email address. We tried sending them an email too but got the same results. We don’t recommend getting an app that doesn’t give you any kind of customer support because you’ll have no one to complain whenever you face an issue.

Jailbreak Your Smartphone

The worst thing about the Highster mobile app is that you’ve to root or jailbreak the smartphone that you wish to monitor. We don’t recommend doing it at all because this not only decreases the value of the mobile phone but also exposes it to various threats and malware. There is not a single app that we know which requires you to root or jailbreak your smartphone!

Even the people who claim to root or jailbreak their smartphone so they can use the best features of the Highster mobile app state that it wasn’t useful at all and the app still didn’t perform well.

Which App Is Better Than Highster?

As you’ve read our Highster mobile app review, we recommend that you should go for the alternative spy apps that provide all the modern monitoring features without making you root or jailbreak your smartphone. Below are some of the best parental control apps that are available on both Android and iOS platform:


   1. mSpy

mSpy is the best monitoring app available in the market right now with all the latest parental control features that can be used by paying a very small fee! They let you track the real-time location of the other person, view call records, internet history, text messages, WhatsApp, and much more. Also, you can add as many smartphones you want without paying a single penny. You can also read mSpy reviews at Best Phone Spy Guide

The best feature is that you don’t have to root or jailbreak the other person’s smartphone to use all the features of the app. Customer support is great, you can send them a message or call them and get an instant reply. It is Hands down the easiest to use spy app that you can use for monitoring purposes.

   2. Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble is also a great parental control app for Android smartphones. It gives you all the modern monitoring features that you get from mSpy but is comparatively much higher in price. The worst part of Spy Bubble is that they don’t provide call support or live chat service, you’ve to email them every time you face an issue and wait for at least 2 days to get a reply from them.

There is also another issue, you can’t listen to the calls! You can just see the call records, nothing else.

   3. Cocospy

Cocospy only provides the basic features like see WhatsApp messages, call records, internet browsing details etc. You’ve to pay $40 per month to use their services which is an insane amount as compared to how fewer features they provide.

   4. Neatspy

This app only gives you the ability to view WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, and Snapchat activities of the other person. The worst thing is that you’ve to pay $40 per month to get access to only a few services. It also doesn’t allow you to add multiple smartphones!

Written by George K.

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