7 Common Eye Problems You Might Experience

7 Common Eye Problems You Might Experience

As we grow old, we suffer from an eye problem of some sort. While some are often small and easily treatable problems we can resolve at home with over the counter prescriptions and eye drops, others are a bit complex and require a specialist eye doctor with the technical skills and knowledge to treat a wide range of complex eye diseases. Whether you have clear or blurred vision, you should visit an eye doctor or a local optometrist regularly to help improve your eye health.  A frequent visit to the doctor can help to detect and treat eye problems that are otherwise untreatable if detected too late and in their advanced stage. Below are 7 common eye problems.

  • Eyestrain

Those who spend long hours staring at the computer, reading a book, or driving long distances know eye strain feels like. Your eyes, just like your hands, legs or other parts of your body, also get tired and need some rest. If you commonly overuse your eyes without giving them a rest, you are likely to experience eyestrain. Practice taking a break periodically to rest your eyes so that the strain can go away. However, if the problem persists, you should visit your eye doctor just to make sure you’re not dealing with a more severe eye problem.

  • Red eyes

Have you noticed that sometimes your eyes look red or bloodshot? This is because some blood vessels are covering the surface of your eye. These vessels expand when they become infected, inflamed or irritated, giving your eyes the red appearance. This problem can be caused by a myriad of factors, including sleep deprivation, eye-strain, allergies, stress, injuries, and more. In some cases, sleep (rest) or over the counter eye drops can make the red eyes go away, but you’re advised to consult your doctor as soon as possible to rule out a serious eye problem.

  • Lazy eye

This occurs when one eye fails to develop fully like the other eye, allowing the weaker eye to move around “lazily” as the other stays normal. Also known as amblyopia, it rarely affects both eyes although it is experienced within virtually all age groups.

Medical attention is highly encouraged when experiencing this issue. People who visit this eye doctor understand the essence of early diagnosis and treatment in inhibiting vision loss. For instance, if this eye problem is detected and treated before age 7, your chances of achieving a complete cure are high. However, if treatment is delayed until late adolescence or adulthood, the condition may be irreversible and can impair vision permanently.

  • Dry eyes

This is characterized by a burning sensation in the eyes and often occurs when the eyes are unable to produce enough moisture (tears) to keep them lubricated. The fastest way to detect a lack of moisture in your eyes or surroundings is the burning sensation due to the inability of the eyes to produce enough tears.

  • Night blindness

You’re more likely to realize you’re suffering from night blindness if you drive at night, as you may find it hard to see when driving at night. You may also find it difficult to find your way around poorly lit rooms and places, such as basements.

  • Color Blindness

This eye problem seems to affect more males than females. Colorblind people may not be able to tell some colors apart or see them at all. While this problem is often hereditary, you can also develop it later in your life due to certain diseases or medications.

  • Sty (Stye)

This reddish pimple appears on the edge of your eyelid. It can be characterized by pain, tenderness, and swelling.

While eye problems come in many forms, it is advisable to consult your eye doctor to ensure you’re not dealing with a complicated eye problem that could lead to total blindness.

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