7 Great Places to Find New Band Members

7 Great Places to Find New Band Members

Finding your perfect band mates isn’t an easy task. You need to find people who can play a certain instrument to a competent level before you even start thinking about whether or not you want to collaborate with them. The very first step is to find out where the best places to meet new band members are. Let’s take a closer look at some of the places you might come across potential new musical friends. 

  1. Social Media

Arguably one of the best places to meet people, social media is quick and easy to access for most. On almost every social media platform, you’ll find groups and forums which are designed to connect people with specific interests. You can find these by searching keywords and phrases specific to the type of music you want to create or your area. 

For professional relationships, consider joining LinkedIn and looking for people who seem to share your interests. Connect via groups with musicians on Facebook, and search relevant hashtags and terms on Twitter to get the latest posts from people who might be looking for their next opportunity. You could even make your own post asking friends to tag anyone who might be interested to chat more about forming or joining a band. 

  1. Websites and Online Platforms 

In addition to social media, there are also various websites that you can visit to connect with other musicians. These websites allow you to create a profile and even share some audio or video clips so that others can hear a sample of your style. 

You will be able to send messages to other musicians inviting them to collaborate with you or enable other users to reach out to you via private messages. You can also explore music streaming websites and directly contact musicians who you feel you would work well with. Bear in mind that some websites might charge a small fee to open an account, but this can pay dividends in the long run if you are able to secure one or more band members for the long term. 

  1. Music Studios

You are almost certain to meet musicians at a music studio, making it a great option for opening new conversations with like-minded people. Look for music studios and rehearsal spaces in your area and consider visiting either as a one-off or on a regular basis. 

People who utilize music studios are also likely to be musicians who are open to the idea of collaborating with others. Visiting and hiring music studios is a fantastic option for those looking to find out more about how to join a band, and those interested in inviting people to join a fully formed band. Studios like those offered by PIRATE can give musicians the flexible space they need to work on their music while meeting potential new bandmates. They also provide some useful resources on topics like how to find band members, so their site is worth checking out.

  1. Gigs and Concerts

While many of the people attending gigs and concerts won’t be musicians themselves, there may be some musicians among them. This is particularly true if you attend local gigs and concerts which attract musicians from the area. They are likely to bring friends, family, and fellow musicians along with them – some of whom may be interested to hear more about how to join a band. 

If you’re ready to strike up conversations with other guests, these events can be an interesting way to meet new musicians. Before you attend a gig, make a mental note of your ‘elevator pitch’ to use when speaking with potential new band members. 

  1. Music Lessons 

Having music lessons on a one-to-one basis can help you to get tailored and individual support while advancing your skills. However, joining group music lessons can enable you to meet more musicians in a way that you wouldn’t in one-to-one lessons. 

If finding new band members is a current priority and you are looking for a teacher, inquire about group lessons and the opportunities for meeting other musicians over the course of your lessons. A good music teacher will understand and, even if they don’t offer group lessons themselves, they will be happy to point you in another direction. 

Some teachers might also convene gigs, concerts, and other performance opportunities for their students, creating yet another avenue for meeting other people. 

  1. Other Friends

When looking for musicians to collaborate with, speak to your friends, particularly if they have connections to music. While they might not want to get involved in a band themselves, they may be able to connect you with other musicians they know. 

Using mutual friends to help connect with others and find potential band members can often be overlooked. If you know your friend is involved in a choir, a drama group, or other related arts activity, ask if they might be willing to post on social media or ask around their group to see whether other musicians are interested to join you in a band. 

  1. Music Shops 

Visiting local music shops in your area can help to find potential new band members in more than one way. Talk to the staff at the music shop and ask for their ideas and tips on finding band members in the area. They may know people who are already looking to join a band, and may even be interested to join it themselves.

You can also ask about putting an advertisement in the window or other area of the shop which receives a decent level of footfall. Leave your phone number or email address and ask people to get in touch with you to discuss further if they are interested to join your band. Don’t forget to include a line about what music genre or style your band will be focusing on. 

Finding great band members can take time, but by utilizing as many avenues as possible you will give yourself the best chance of success. From talking to mutual friends to visiting local musical spaces in your area, there are various ways to identify who might be a perfect fit to join your band.

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