4 Reasons Everyone wants our Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

4 Reasons Everyone wants our Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalised jigsaw puzzles are simply the standard jigsaw puzzle games with a significant difference. With these types, after all the parts have been fitted in their proper positions, the image produced will not just be a fruit or someplace in the Bahamas. Instead, it will be a personal picture or inscription that holds a deeper meaning to the owners. 

Here are some of the reasons why buyers love our personalised jigsaw puzzles:

  • More intimate family leisure activity.

Jigsaw puzzles have long been one of the few favorite non locomotive games families love to come together to play. They are popular and will continue to get more popular in homes as parents are now being urged to spend more intimate time with their children. Making jigsaw puzzles is one activity that encompasses all age grades and ideas of fun, making it an excellent exercise to engage in for leisure. And what’s more intimate than a game with your faces in it?

To create more unique games with their kids, parents are now purchasing our personalised jigsaw puzzle. From a photograph of one happy home to a smiling child, you can have a customized jigsaw puzzle for any occasion and with any picture.

  • Unique home decor.

Since remarkable home decors are also quickly coming into style, some homeowners have turned to put up creative photos on their walls. Quotes, photoshoots, or any other 2-dimensional item that can be framed. 

Our personalised jigsaw puzzles are a go-to for framed photographs that are not the conventional types in homes. We have two models of 1000 and 2000 pieces that are framed so you can put your favorite picture in any space of your home in the most authentic way.

We also have varieties of magnetic refrigerator stickers to beautify your fridge or any metallic surface of your choice, like your car or door. 

  • Puzzles for all ages

There is an opportunity to get personalised puzzles for each age group. For babies, we have a category with four pieces that would be easy for children below 2. 

Many of our customers prefer the infant magnetic puzzle so that children of three or four years old can easily stick them to any metallic surface. That way, you can reduce the risk of jigsaw puzzle pieces getting into their mouths or getting lost under furniture. Finally, there’s something your child can play with that does not need to be picked back up after the play. 

Our personalised jigsaw puzzles are also available for children between the ages of 4 and 7. Their category is a kid’s rectangular cardboard variety with less than 30 pieces to fit together.

Another best seller is our wooden cube puzzle with nine smaller cubes that fit together to produce six faces. One of the cube’s faces can be a personalised photo. At the same time, the rest will form a picture of a wild animal, a fruit, or a domestic animal, depending on your choices. 

Adults also are not left out. The best option for older people is the large custom puzzles to make a more magnificent design. As you go up in level, you should increase the difficulty and the number of pieces. Go from a customized 2000 pieces puzzle to a different customizer 3000 pieces puzzle. Thus, you will get to make great challenges.

  • More noteworthy gifts

You know you always struggle to get Christmas, birthday, anniversary or even just a nice random present for your friends and family. You do not have to go through that struggle anymore. 

Personalised jigsaw puzzles will always hold more value than just any jigsaw puzzle they can get from any store. There is something about seeing the face of a loved one, or an inscription that means a lot to them, on the gift you get for them.

The best part, personalised jigsaw puzzles work for any age or occasion. You can use them to surprise your grandparents, parents, siblings, best friends, coworkers, and bosses on their special celebration. A personalised jigsaw puzzle is not just unique but thoughtful too. It will always be a prized possession and a memorable one too.

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