7 Most Popular Vape Liquids You Need to Try

Vapes have become one of the most popular accessories the world over. They have replaced traditional cigarettes. Vapes are battery-powered smoking devices that come in options with nicotine and options without. There is an absolutely massive variety of vape liquids for you to try, and in this article, we will hope to discuss a few of them. We will be discussing flavors exclusively and will not discuss brands. Many of the flavors listed here will be offered by a variety of brands, so be sure to do your research for every brand and put their own personal twist on the flavors.

1. Berries

Choosing a vape liquid can be difficult, we know. It is difficult because, according to the vape experts, there is a huge number, thousands even, of competing brands and vape liquids. But, with this guide, we have simplified it; be on the lookout for these flavors – our first being berries. Summer fruits are a favorite of many for virtually everything, from ice cream to cordial. Vapes are no different. The fruity notes offered in berry vapes are absolutely mouth-watering, unsurprisingly. Berry is a flavor perfected by many vape manufacturers, so wherever you look, you should find a delicious berry liquid.

2. Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are delicious, so why should gummy bear vapes be any different? There are many brands that offer gummy bear flavored vape liquids, and the accuracy with which they have perfected the flavor is astounding. Gummy bear vapes often taste fruity, with sour hints. These vapes taste so much like gummy bears that when you have a sugar craving, you may pick up your vape instead of an actual bag of gummy bears. This is a flavor widely distributed, so pick your brand carefully.

3. Green Tea (Mango and Peach)

Green tea is delicious on its own, but when combined with mango or peach (interchangeably) it is even more delicious. Green tea with either combination has been a favorite in bubble tea bars the world over for years now, so it is unsurprising that it is popular as a vape liquid too. The flavor is subtle, sweet, and juicy. For those with a more refined taste who prefer the less sweet, overpowering flavors, then this is certainly a flavor that is for you. This is a flavor you should not find difficult to find, though you may need to look carefully, for it is not a flavor commonly purchased.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon, like the other flavors on this list, is absolutely mouth-watering. Watermelon vapes, unlike their real-life counterpart, can be very overpowering and this is a flavor best suited to those with sweet teeth. If you are not a fan of very strong, sweet scents and flavors, then this may not be for you. Artificial watermelon is always very sweet, whether it be in candy or a vape, so do not expect a subtle flavor. Nonetheless, it is delicious and can be found virtually everywhere.

7 Most Popular Vape Liquids You Need to Try

5. Lemon and Lime

Lemon and lime are, as the name suggests, citrus-flavored. This is a flavor that is suited to those that enjoy sour treats. Lemon and lime flavored vapes can be very, very sour, so are not for those who cannot stand sour flavors. Nonetheless, they are a very tasty flavor, and one of the most popular. The two also come on their own, but we here recommend you get them together for an ultimate flavor combination that’s sure to be adored. Lemon and lime can also be very bitter, or sweet, depending on the manufacturer of the vape.

6. Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the most popular flavors of vape liquids the world over, unsurprisingly. Many of us made the shift from cigarettes to vapes to preserve our health and opt for a healthier option. That said, many of us still have an urge to taste tobacco, and many of us quite enjoyed the taste of tobacco. Because of this, vape manufacturers have created a tobacco flavor that is one of the top-selling flavors. It gives the kick tobacco cigarettes gave while still giving us a healthier and better option than smoking traditional tobacco or cigarettes.

7. Flavoured Tobacco

Moving away slightly, but not too far, you can also pick up flavored tobacco. This is another great option for those of us who used to smoke cigarettes, for when vaping, you can still get the tobacco kick while enjoying a fruity flavor. You can get a variety of flavors, from peach tobacco all the way to strawberry tobacco.

With the help of this page, you now know seven vape liquids that you absolutely must try. Vaping is a popular hobby (if you can call it that), throughout the world, and it can be difficult finding the right liquid for your vape, but with this page, that’s no longer a problem.

Written by George K.

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