When to Look for an Auto Crash Attorney

Car accidents are increasing the world over with alarming frequency. Car accidents are very dangerous, and in many cases, fatal. Anyone who has been in a serious car accident and has lived to tell the tale will share the sentiment that car accidents are not to be taken lightly. Reckless drivers must be punished to the full extent of the law, for it is not uncommon for a reckless driver who has been caught multiple times and let off to cause a fatal and life-changing accident. Reckless drivers will only learn when punished.

In this article, we will answer our titular question of when to look for an auto-crash attorney, as well as telling you what to do in the aftermath of a car accident. Knowing how to behave in the wake of a car accident can ensure your safety and the safety of those sharing a vehicle with you, whoever they are. Your behavior directly after a car accident can determine the outcome of the accident and its severity.

Here is when you should look for an auto crash attorney.

What is a Car Accident?

A silly question, right? A car accident is when two or more cars collide with one another [and even one car with a wall or object]. Car accidents come in many different forms, from accidental to intentional. Every accident must be dealt with seriously, for they are not a matter to be taken lightly. A reckless driver should not be on the roads, whether they meant to cause an accident or not. Car accidents can be serious and non-serious and can be fatal and non-fatal. And, of course, in some cases, car accidents can be nobody’s fault.

The Aftermath of a Car Accident

As promised in our introductory paragraph, here is what you should do in the aftermath of a car accident. The first thing that you will want to do is get out of the vehicle if it smoking or aflame; if it is not, many recommend you stay put, for by moving out of the vehicle, you could worsen your condition and develop whiplash. Staying still keeps your spine straight. You should phone for an ambulance immediately, even if the accident does not seem severe; the police should also be called if the accident was a hit-and-run or if the driver of the other vehicle is suspected to be drunk.

When Should I Look for an Attorney?

Truthfully, in the opinion of this author, you should look for an attorney after any car accident. This is not an opinion shared by everyone. Even so, providing you were not the cause of the accident, there is a good chance that you can receive compensation after an accident. It is important you do contact a lawyer, for fatal car accidents are growing with alarming frequency. In Wayne County, Michigan, there were over 54,000 recorded accidents in the 18-19 year-end traffic crash statistics. By contacting an attorney, you prevent a reckless driver from being able to hurt anyone else and potentially contribute to road fatalities. The legal process that follows can be quite laborious, but according to one auto injury lawyer in Detroit, your legal team will help you through the process to get the compensation you need. So, to summarize, after any accident: contact an attorney.

When to Look for an Auto Crash Attorney

What’s Next?

After you contact an attorney, your attorney will communicate with the person who you believe caused the accident and will investigate the accident. The person who caused the accident will be summoned to court and will be given an opportunity to offer you an out of court settlement. These settlements are one-off sums of money that essentially buy you out of taking them to trial. For many, these are a good option as they prevent the person from being punished and also reduces the amount that they will have to pay you. It is up to you to accept or deny. If you choose to deny, or they do not offer you a settlement, you will take them to court and they will have to go through a trial, at the end of which, if found guilty, they will be subject to penalties and will have to pay you a large sum of money to compensate you for the damages associated with the accident.

Mental Help

As a final disclaimer, if you are experiencing mental health problems in the wake of a car accident, which many do, seek mental help for your mental health. You mustn’t suffer silently – there is always someone willing to listen.

We hope that this article was informative and told you everything you need to know about car accidents and the law surrounding them. If you have been involved in one, waste no time in contacting an attorney, although we hope you are never involved in one.

Written by George K.

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