7 Reasons Why It’s Good to Drink Tea Before Doing Your Day’s Work

Drink Tea Before Doing Your Day's Work

Regardless of the season, tea is a delicious beverage as it can be served hot or cold. All in all, its benefits go beyond refreshing your body. A lot of research suggests that consuming tea can enhance your overall health.

A study undertaken in a group of more than 100,000 individuals in China indicates that people who take tea have minimal chances of developing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Still, they cannot die prematurely due to stroke.

In today’s post, you will find out why it’s essential to take tea before engaging in your day’s activities. So, keep on reading.

Tea Increases Metabolism

Taking tea has been proven to lower body fat and boost body calorie expenditure. To be precise, tea enhances the brown fat, which is metabolically active and incorporates more mitochondria than the white fat. In the end, brown fat boosts metabolism, besides burning much more calories.

In research, the researchers found that individuals who take tea for a prolonged time have low body fat and body weight. If you are a tea fanatic, it would be wise of you to take it in the form of tea bags. This way, you will enjoy the benefits fast. Else, you can consume it as loose leaf tea.

Tea is Good for Brain

A regular tea intake can significantly lower the risks of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, it limits the risk of getting other neurodegenerative conditions. While there’s no absolute Alzheimer’s cure and its cause is still unclear, consuming black and green tea enhances cognitive scores amongst individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The other notable benefit of drinking tea is that it promotes memory attention to lower cognitive reduction. Combining caffeine with tea boosts a person’s visual processing, reaction time, concentration, and memory. What’s more, it changes the organization of an individual brain to make it process information fast.

It Boosts Insulin Sensitivity

Green tea can help in lowering complications that come from Diabetes. You are probably aware that Diabetes is one of the health concerns that include huge risks of complications, poor quality of life, or even early death.

Study indicates that tea can boost insulin sensitivity, decrease inflammation, secure pancreatic cells against extra damage. Well, these are beneficial in protecting individuals who already have diabetes complications.

It is Perfect for Your Mouth

Well, not all drinks are ideal for your mouth. For instance, taking sugary drinks, such as juices and sodas, can be harmful to your mouth health. Fortunately, tea boosts your oral health. In general, the tea includes fluoride that eradicates the bacteria which may be present in your mouth.

The tea’s fluoride also lowers the risk of cavities, periodontal diseases, or even oral cancer. So, if you floss from here to there, you can see the benefits you can enjoy by drinking this helpful beverage regularly.

Tea has Helpful Antioxidants

Antioxidants come in handy in preventing your body from rust. As a result, it helps it to remain young and keeps it secure against the prevailing pollution. White tea contains more valuable antioxidants than other types of tea as it contains little processing.

Tea is Good for Your Gut

Remember that gut health is not all about probiotics and fiber. A study indicates that polyphenols present in tea can significantly adjust gut bacteria. In the end, this results in positive health impacts, such as weight loss, improved blood sugar levels, and reduced carbohydrate absorption.

Tea is Hydrating

This benefit is somehow surprising. Previously, taking tea promoted dehydration as it acted as a diuretic and made the body lose much more fluid. However, research conducted recently shows that taking tea frequently has similar hydrating effects as water.

Wrapping it Up

Drinking tea has plenty of health benefits, as you have seen above. To help you stay healthy, have an ideal brain, improve memory and reduce various health complications, consider buying tea bags from the best online tea and coffee shop, such as Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. In this online shop, you will find the best loose leaf tea and multiple types of tea that you can buy to improve your overall wellbeing.

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