How to Balance Travel and Work

How to Balance Travel and Work

In today’s business world, travelling does not have to get in the way of your work. Whether you are travelling for work specifically, or for personal reasons but you don’t want to give up work – you can easily work on the move with the right technology solutions.

  • Devices – Of course, you need to make sure that you have a mobile device to conduct work on. At the bare minimum, this should be either a laptop or a smartphone – but both would be ideal, and a tablet that gives you the portability of a phone but with added power would increase your work flexibility even more.
  • Apps & Storage – With your work device sorted, you will then need to equip yourself with all the apps and files you use on a daily basis at work. This means having amble portable storage – it is recommended that you use a combination of hardware storage and cloud storage. So, a sturdy and reliable external hard drive and a cloud-based storage service – such as OneDrive or Google Drive – will provide a good layer of redundancy and make sure your files are accessible at all times. As for your apps, using a suite of productivity applications, such as iWork, Google Workspace, or Microsoft 365. Again, make sure these are accessible both online and offline – you may need to pay for a plan that gives you both cloud and desktop versions of the apps.
  • Communication – when you’re working remotely it is doubly important that your colleagues can reach you. Phone calls can become complicated if you’re in another country, depending on your mobile plan. So, utilising an internet-based communication platform is your best bet. Products such as Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams are all good options. If your company uses Microsoft 365, then it may be worth purchasing the Business Voice license, to turn Teams into an internet-based telephony system – this will give you the option to make calls to numbers outside of your organisation with assurance that the plan covers those calls.
  • IT Support – You might feel especially helpless if you experience IT technical difficulties whilst you’re on your own in a different country. This is why it’s crucial to know that you can access support no matter where you are. Luckily, the vast majority (about 80%) of IT issues can be fixed remotely. For example, if your company is an SMB in London, and they have outsourced their IT to an IT support London provider; then the provider will have the tools to deliver support to your machine remotely. This is a practice used by many businesses, and it is not only reliable, but cost effective.

Don’t let travelling or working clash. With the right tools and services, you can live and work in different places quite comfortably.

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