Pros and Cons of using Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement Tools

The success of any business depends on the volume of its sales with respect to its expenditures. If the sales are good and enough to cover the cost of the product and generate enough revenue for the owner, then it is worth continuing, otherwise you are doing nothing but a waste of financial resources and time.

So, the business managers always focus on increasing their sales or keep them up enough to ensure the sustainability of the business. Sales enablement tools are there to increase the sales of the product. A set of sales tools that are used by sales teams to increase representative productivity and streamline activities from stage to stage in the customer’s buying cycle.

Sales enablement tools concern a sales app, or digital software that helps you boost sales, collect relevant data, compare sales with other reps of your team, prompt report generating, etc.


There are a lot of Pros of using this enablement tool, some of them are:

Aligns Sales and Marketing

When you are marketing the product you are assigned by the employer or company, you are often frustrated about the facts you are delivering to the customers. It sometimes becomes a source of humiliation if the customer learns about the product. So, sales enablement tools help you to hold factual figures that boost your confidence and deliver you real-time information and data.

Ability to Share Sales Collateral 

Your marketing content must be easily accessible as it could help you to convince the customer conveniently. While using the sales enablement tool, you are able to share certified information with the customers and exact data by a reliable source that develops confidence in the customers and enables them to prepare the mind for buying the product.

Increases Sales and Response by the Customers

Sales enablement tools no doubt affect the productivity of sales representatives and increase sales significantly. These tools give them a quick comparison with other reps, push themselves to work hard to compete with others, several figures motivate them towards the increment of productivity. Such all factors are effective for the salespersons.

When your sales are good enough and give the consumer product the right information, it builds confidence in customers and you may become able to get a positive response from them.

Skill Development of Sales Reps

When the collective results of the team are shown on the dashboard with the separate performances as well, the individuals compare them with the toppers and discuss the tactics with each other. Low performers try to sort guidance and tactics from high performers to boost their own performance. Thus, it is a good source to develop a self-improvement trick that is beneficial for both the salesperson and your business too.

Helps to Point out Weak Area

All the sales sections are integrated into the sales enablement tool. It gives you factual information about each segment of the customer’s buying lifecycle. Upon thorough examination, it would make you able enough to pick out the weaker points that further help you to work on and implement improvement tactics.


Cons of the Enablement Tools are as follows:

Burden on the Employees

Sales enablement tools are developed to boost sales, which may help to some extent, but on the other hand, it also puts an extra burden on the sales staff. Sales staff become mentally pressured to maintain these tools along with performing their primary duties. This burden even increases the turnover ratio of staff.

Disrupts Your Team’s Workflow

Your team may be working very efficiently, but integrating this sales application can disrupt the workflow of your staff. Rather than increasing, sometimes it reduces the sales volume. It happens because the attention of the salespersons distracts in more ways than that of sales which is their primary responsibility.

Develops the Figures Competition rather than durable arrangements

Your business could only be successful if the sales team is working on solid grounds and hitting the market effectively. Launching the sales app puts your staff into a figures war, then they become competitive to improve their figures instead of working on tangible grounds for permanent progress of the company.

In all, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. However, the success lies in selecting the right sales enablement tool, such as Content Camel. Choose this tool and equip your salesforce with the best resources.

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