Out of the Box Approach to Recycle Corrugated Boxes

Recycle Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are used for packaging by several industries. They are made up of corrugated sheets in between, which vacuum is created through air columns that make them stronger than regular cardboard. Around the world, online shipments usually arrive in corrugated boxes packaging because they keep the contents damage-free. OBT Packaging manufactures custom corrugated boxes of multiple dimensions and specifications that are strong and spacious.

The trend of online shopping has witnessed an increase tremendously, and it can be stated without any doubt that you also order many kinds of stuff online that come in corrugated box packaging. If you are a regular online things buyer, there would be a cluster of custom product boxes in your house, and you might want to recycle them. These custom boxes have served the ideal purpose of not only keeping the product safe but also proven on the point according to customer’s and product needs. Now that its time to recycle the treasured boxes, there are many DIYs that can be followed. However, in this article, you will find some out-of-the-box ideas to recycle the corrugated boxes.

Why recycling is important? 

Before diving into recycling processes, it is important to learn why there is a need to recycle corrugated boxes. Recycling corrugated packaging reduces the amount of solid waste disposal. More than 80% of the corrugated boxes are recycled to make new boxes. This makes corrugated boxes more sustainable packaging material. The corrugated boxes in your house may be made up of OCC, old corrugated cardboard.

Recycling old corrugated boxes reduces energy and water usage. By recycling, we can decrease the production of greenhouse gas and air pollutants that may include total reduced sulfur (TRS), hazardous air pollutants (HAP) and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Also, we can reduce the demand for virgin timber by recycling. Approximately, three tons of trees are used to manufacture just one ton of virgin boxes or cardboard. Waste tipping fees can also be lessened with the help of recycling. It is estimated that more than nine cubic yards of landfill space can be saved by recycling one ton of cardboard.

In most cases, the corrugated boxes are recyclable. The boxes that are difficult to recycle contain food (pizza box, frozen food boxes), wet boxes, or waxed boxes.

Some people prefer to reuse these boxes. Corrugated boxes are good for storing and organizing things, especially custom mailer boxes, with special interlocking flaps for assembling and closing the box. Many people use their creativity to design corrugated boxes and use them for different purposes.

Unique approaches for recycling

Before recycling, follow some basic steps. You can recycle corrugated boxes, but if you have custom product boxes, you should first detach them from any plastic and remove the foam and wooden inserts from them. The purpose of inserts was to protect the products from any possible damage during transportation.


This is an easy and convenient way to recycle your extra corrugated boxes. Some organizations receive donations in boxes. They provide your donations to deserving people or different charity houses and then, send the boxes to recycling plants. An example of such an organization is Give Back Box.

By donating to such organizations, you can get rid of piles of boxes, and also you can take part in helping society by donating your things. This method is smart and helpful and needs to be appreciated.


Corrugated boxes can be transformed into a different three-dimensional object. Transformation also includes creating artworks from boxes or cutting them into a different style of boxes used as organizers.  However, we are not talking about that transformation. There are many ways by which you can remold the boxes into unique shapes.

This is done by tearing the boxes into pieces and then crushing and grinding them with some glue, water, and additives. After the mixture becomes smooth, it can be placed in any mold and rested until it hardens. You will be surprised to see your corrugated box changed to some beautiful decoration piece. You can then paint it and that’s it.

This technique is not very famous because it is difficult. Also, the wrong proportion of material can fail your experiment. That is why people usually do not believe in such techniques. But if the right proportion of admixtures are used, you can mold your boxes into any shape.

Recycling centers

This approach does not only sound simple, but it is actually easy too. Sending the unwanted boxes to recycling centers is the basic way to recycle them. If you are not interested in any ‘out of the box’ approach for recycling, just pile up all the boxes together, take them with you to the recycling center, and place them in a specific container. But before that, remove all the tapes from the boxes. Open all the box’s flaps, if it is a custom mailer box and press it flat. Tie all the flat boxes with any rope and here you go. Your boxes are ready to visit the recycling center!

Mostly in cities, corrugated boxes can be recycled along with single-walled cardboard, in standard curbside recycling. But there are recycling programs that require corrugated boxes to be separated from cans and bottles. However, in more rural areas, where curbside recycling pickups are not provided, you will have to take your corrugated boxes to a recycling center by yourself.

Companies that recycle a lot of corrugated boxes may want to bale them for easier transportation. Large corporations may even invest in machines that automatically compress and bale corrugated boxes for quick disposal and recycling.

Bottom line

Corrugated boxes are among the best choices for sustainable packaging. They are cost-effective, durable, and more recyclable than many comparable options. OBT Packaging provides its customers with the desired type of packaging at the best possible prices and fastest delivery.

The good news is that you can reuse them in many different ways. The internet is filled with innovative DIY ideas that can be made from corrugated boxes. The critical aspect is that we should reduce waste deposits on our earth, whether reuse them or recycle them.

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