7 Simple Tricks Which Will Make Your Like A Pro

You might have seen people blowing smoke rings with their cigarettes? You must have been impressed. You might have tried it as well. 

But, did you know that you could try out similar and way more complex tricks while vaping? If you like making art forms out of the smoke, you will thoroughly enjoy some of the tricks we are going to mention below. 

With vaping becoming the newest trend in the market, people have been coming up with exciting smoke tricks that aren’t quite possible with cigarette smoke. 

As the smoke is much fuller and thicker, you can significantly enhance your creativity level with vaping. 

Vapor also lets you produce highly defined smoke, which is excellent for vape tricks. Let’s take a look at the seven most popular tricks that can turn you into a master vaper. 

Prep for Vape Tricks 

Before you want to try out some of the cool tricks mentioned below, you need to prep adequately. Start with adjusting your vape device and juice in order to get the best results. 

If you wish to perform these tricks appropriately, you need to inhale large amounts of vapor and blow it out in a controlled fashion. Hence, the right vape juice is extremely necessary. We recommend you try out a high VG juice. The throat hit will be less intense while ensuring a large cloud size. 

When you inhale a significant amount of nicotine, it could easily make you dizzy. Therefore, it is best to try these tricks out with a juice that has no nicotine. VG juice with no flavour and nicotine are also available in the market. 

Make sure that you are buying your vaping products from a reliable store. Quality is paramount to vaping, and only some stores ensure that. We would recommend you purchase your vape juice and other products from Bigdaddysmoke

If you want bigger and denser clouds, you might want to try out an RDA or a sub-ohm tank. 

Lastly, try to practice these tricks in a room without much airflow. You might want to turn off your air conditioning or fans. Don’t forget to close the windows. 

Now, you are all set to try these tricks out. Let’s take a look at them. 

  1.   The Ghost Hit 

It is a pretty interesting trick where you will exhale a cloud of vapor and also immediately suck it in. 

In order to do it, you need to take a long pull through your device. Keep it inside your mouth, allow it to sit for a few seconds, and then let it out very slowly. 

Once it starts leaving your mouth, suck it in rapidly. This trick applies to other complicated tricks as well. Hence, learning this one as a beginner will be very useful to you. 

  1.   French Inhale 

It is a pretty easy vape trick, also popularly called the Irish Waterfall. Here, you release the vapor from your mouth and inhale it back through your nostrils. It looks almost like an upside-down waterfall. 

You will have to take a long drag on your device. Close your mouth and allow the vapor to sit for a while. Open it slowly while extending the bottom jaw to enable the vapor to leave. When it leaves, you have to inhale it back in through your nostrils. 

  1.   The Tornado 

It is another impressive trick that you could try out to show off your vaping skills in front of your friends. You will need your hands to manipulate the large vapor cloud to make it appear like a tornado. 

You will need a flat and sturdy surface for doing this trick. You can sit or stand in front of the surface. Take a long drag and release the vapor slowly while keeping your mouth very close to the surface. The cloud has to contained without losing its density. 

Once you are done releasing, you have to place your hand in the centre of the cloud and raise it very quickly. It should look like you are chopping the vapor in half. Immediately, you will notice the vapor twisting like a tornado. You may need to practice a few times to get it right. 

  1.   The Big O

If you want to learn any of the complicated tricks, you need to know how to create rings. If you have enough practice, you will be able to blow them one after the other. 

Start with inhaling a decent amount of vapor. Keep in inside your mouth. Next, you need to keep your tongue right at your mouth’s base. You will have to push it back to the throat. Then, you curve around your teeth tightly to form the “O” shape. Try pushing the vapor out like you are coughing lightly. 

  1.   The Triangle 

Once you have mastered making rings, you can try altering the shape with your hands. Push out a ring of vapor and push it gently with your hands. Tap one side of the “O” to turn it into a triangle. 

Your timing is very important in getting the best result. You will need to practice a few times to get it right. 

  1.   The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish is pretty popular in crowds. It can get you all the attention you desire. In order to do it, you will have to blow a large O and push it gently with your hand. 

Take another pull from your vape device and exhale it right in the center of your O.  Once you do it, you can stand back and observe how beautiful it looks. 

  1.   The Bull Ring 

The Bull Ring looks pretty fierce when you try it out. And it is also pretty easy. You need to create a medium-sized O. Lean close to it and try inhaling the top-most part of the right using your nostrils. If you want to be good at it, try practicing it in front of the mirror. 

Closing Thoughts 

You can try out these tricks to become a pro vaper. However, do not forget to look for quality supplies from trustworthy sources. If you need to visualize, feel free to check out some of the popular YouTube videos. 

Written by Jordan

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