7 Things You Should Carry for A Winter Camping Trip

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a thrill of adventure and daring activities, winter camping has probably crossed your mind more often than not. Though there is more to keep in mind and manage during a winter camping trip, nobody says it can’t be made the most of.

With a bit of extra preparation and weatherproof equipment that’ll keep you all warmed up inside your tent, you can get a lot of things accomplished in a winter camping trip. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your next winter getaway easier and warm.

1. Carry the Warmest Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are possibly the most significant equipment in camping trips, whether winter, summer or rain. You want to soak up all that warmth and be in a cosy and toasty environment when sleeping so you can gather your strength for the next day of camping fun.

Make sure you get a warm and comfy sleeping bag that will give you the power that you need. Nobody needs frostbite in that tent during a camping trip, so a proper sleeping bag has got to be your first choice.

2. Pack Up Some Extra Wool

It never hurts to have some extra jackets, hats, gloves and thermal socks packed with you. You’re going to need all the warmth you need because merely sitting by that campfire and toasting your hands while your body freezes from underneath is no pretty feeling.

So, don’t forget to throw in those extra gloves you’ve got stowed away in your closet, because they’re going to come handy even though you think your immune system can take it no problem.

3. Hang A Candle in The Tent

Keep your tent warm as much as possible, because a simple cosy sleeping bag and warm clothes might not always do the trick. Hang a tiny candle on the inside of your tent, even that small flame can keep you all crisp and toasty in the night.

Also, it’s a natural reading light so you don’t have to worry about holding that flashlight over your head so you can finish the next murder mystery. Even an LED headlamp can be useful.

4. Take A Huge Backpack

Your winter clothes and gloves won’t fit in your usual camping backpack, so let’s get that myth out of the way. Warm things take up a lot of space, and all that heavy jacket fur has got to fit into your bag so you can carry it over your shoulder on that hiking trail. No better time than now to invest in an enormous giant of a backpack so all your stuff can be accommodated in it.

5. Keep A High-Power Stove

Powerful stoves will be your best friend. Cook, get warm and toast it all up so you can keep it going longer. As per the advice of frequent campers, you should carry a stove with extra power so that you don’t run out of hot soup or noodles because the wind was too swift and it blew out the fire. High-power stoves last longer and ensure you also get warmer at the same time.

6. Boots on When Sleeping

One of the best things about do a lot of camping in the winter is that you can do a lot to keep warm. Keep your boots on while sleeping so that you don’t lose a toe to frostbite.

If your feet are warm, rest assured that everything else will be much easier to deal with in the chilly weather. So, put on those thermal socks and sleep with your boots on in the sleeping bag.

7. First-Aid Kit

There is nothing worse than packing all the wool and forgetting to take your first-aid kit along. Whether it’s winter camping or summer, it is always a good time to keep that first-aid knowledge and kit handy so that you don’t have to get stranded with an injury or two. It’s worse in the cold, and although you have enough ice to nurse your wounds, you’re going to need an antiseptic.

With these warm-up techniques to keep your winter camping trip flawless, you’ve got nothing to worry about when treading through that snowy landscape of wonderment.

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