7 Tips for Storing Wine in Hotter Climates

These days, there are wine lovers all over the world. They may be people who enjoy winding down after a busy day at work, or experienced wine tasters and collectors. No matter who they are, they will want to drink something that is at its optimum quality. 

In the past, wine used to be stored in designated caves and underground cellars. These days, people may not simply have to find a physical storage place for their drinks; they may also have to overcome their local climate. We will now discuss seven tips for dealing with this issue. 

  • Have A Climate Controlled Cellar

Some people create custom-made wine rooms or buy wine refrigerators. Alternatively, they may purchase wine storage cabinets. 

When it comes to maintaining the correct temperature in a wine cellar, some people buy special cooling units. Anyone who decides to click here will learn that such appliances can be easy to install because they are wall-mounted. Such technology makes it easy to adjust the temperature and maintain it. Additional features are built into the units, to protect them from overheating and burnout. 

Wine cellar cooling units can be ideal for mid to large-size spaces. As an added bonus, they are ultra-quiet. 

  • Check How It Was Stored Beforehand

We’ve all seen bottles of wine kept on shelves in warm shops, with overhead lighting. Instead of an air-conditioning unit in the store, there may simply be a few electric fans dotted about. The bottles often arrive by the pallet-load and are kept outside in the sunshine during large deliveries. 

When the wine has been transported and stored in such conditions, it will be past its best before you have even got it home. There’s little point in worrying about how you should store it if it’s already been ruined. Similarly, buying wine online can involve the same risks, as you don’t know how they care for it either. 

  • Keep It On Its Side

When the wine begins to oxidize, that’s bad news on all fronts. Not only will the flavor be impaired, but so will the aroma and color. 

Most people have seen wine stored on its side in large racks. What this achieves is to keep the cork in constant contact with the wine. In turn, this will stop the cork from shrinking and allowing oxygen into the wine, to make it oxidize. 

  • Keep It Away From The Fridge 

Many people choose to keep their wine on top of the fridge. It’s cool, right – so what could possibly go wrong? The problem is that there are coils behind the fridge that generate heat. As it rises, this creates a hotspot within your home. Anyone who places their bottles of wine here will be slowly cooking the contents. 

As with most white goods, fridges create vibration. This process will agitate the wine and prevent the sediment from settling correctly at the bottom of the bottle. 

  • Keep It Indoors

Many people will be tempted to take their bottles outside to drink during the summer. It’s common to see wine bottles being stored in ice outside restaurants. The best course of action is to keep them indoors where it is cooler. 

If someone buys a bottle of wine and sticks it in their car, they will be exposing it to both light and heat. If they do have to transport it this way, they should at least only do so for short journeys. 

  • Keep It Away From The Light

The light can be bad news for any alcoholic drink, be it beer or wine. When it comes to the latter, white wine is particularly sensitive to light. Most bottles are tinted to protect the wine from the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) light. Such adverse light exposure can make the chemicals in the drink degenerate, and make the wine age before its time. 

Light is a classic heat generator, so it can be bad news on both fronts. Therefore, keep your drinks away from the windows and direct sunlight.

  • Keep It At A Stable Temperature

Whilst the recommended range is between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature is at the midpoint of 55 degrees. If someone keeps a bottle of wine in the fridge it may be okay there for up to three months. Having said that, most units occasionally dip below 45 degrees. 

As we have learned, it’s not the end of the world if we keep the wine in a hot country. With the correct care and attention, we will still be able to enjoy what is truly the queen of drinks.

Written by George K.

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