Fun Cheat Codes You Should Know About Your Most Favorite Games

Modern multiplayer games are reaching new levels of immersion. At the same time, they’re also bringing new levels of competitive play. 

The best of the best is so far ahead of casuals that it’s often not fun to play. That is unless you have a great equalizer in your corner. Cheating in multiplayer games is fun but dangerous. Here’s all you need to know about cheats. 

The Underlying Danger of Hacking and Cheating 

They say that cheating in modern games is almost impossible. That simply not true. In fact, most of the anti-cheat systems designed by Steam and other companies, are constantly on the back foot trying to keep up with the latest cheats. 

All you need to do in order to stay safe is to spend a little time researching which vendors offer the best hacks and use them. Another thing to keep in mind is that free cheats rarely last for long. There’s a reason why they are free. That old saying ‘if you’re not paying for a product, you are the product’ often applies to this segment of hacks. Lastly, be smart with your cheating. Pro-level players are being caught cheating every day. 

What’s Available for Apex Legends? 

Apex Legends is arguably one of the most interesting multiplayer games to enter the market in the past few years. This unique battle royale experience combines elements of various similar games that came before it with its own spin on the genre. As a result, we have a colorful, challenging, and highly competitive environment that is extremely fun to experience. 

What about cheats? Are there Apex Legends cheats that work? You bet there are! Apex is arguably one of the most competitive BR games out there simply because it’s free to play. ELO aside, whether you’ll get a chance to win or lose often comes down to where you land and whether you’re a part of a team or not. 

All of this can be extremely annoying if you’re fairly new to the game and trying to conquer that steep learning curve. 


One of the most popular hacks that are also rarely ever detected seeing how non-intrusive it is. ESP essentially allows you to see other players on the map. Say you were looking to loot a bunker, but as we all know, teams like to organize quick ambushes inside these fatal funnels. With ESP, you can tell exactly how many enemies there are inside and what they’re slinging. 

Aimbots and Other Hacks

Naturally, there are those who want help in terms of aiming since that is arguably the hardest part of the game. Each individual weapon has its own recoil pattern that can be difficult to master when you’re just running and gunning on a practice map. Out there in the competitive environment, it’s much harder. An aimbot is a great tool that gives you a fighting chance against more experienced enemies as well as those who have mastered the art of recoil control. 

Using aimbot in Apex Legends can be tricky because you need to pace yourself. If you crank the bot to 11, all of your bullets will literally converge into a single point (usually your enemy’s head). While that does wonders for efficiency and will have you winning any duel, it is also super easy to detect that you’re hacking. 

Dialing the aimbot down so that it gives you just enough assistance where your skill can do the rest is the sweet spot. That way, you can run and gun without worrying if you’ll get reported or worse yet, banned. 

Can You Get Banned Using Paid Cheats? 

Yes, you can get banned when using paid cheats. It’s a common misconception that paid cheats somehow make it impossible for your favorite game’s anti-cheat software to detect your activities. That’s not how it works. Remaining undetected largely comes down to how you use the hack. 

If you’re smart about your gameplay, and you’re using fresh paid hacks, you’ll achieve two things — for one, the new, fresh hacks will fly under the anti-cheat’s radar. More importantly, you being smart with your hacks will allow you to remain hidden from any overwatch type security feature where a person somewhere is reviewing your gameplay. 

Fun Cheat Codes You Should Know About Your Most Favorite Games

Apex Legends isn’t the only game with a growing ecosystem of awesome cheats. The new Call of Duty titles, Overwatch, CS:GO and many other competitive multiplayer games all have their own hacks that are highly evolved and constantly improving. In fact, no matter what game you like to play, there’s a good chance you’ll find a hack to make it more fun.

Written by George K.

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