7 Tips to Gain Massive Following Using IGTV



IGTV has become a great tool on Instagram to share videos. People have started to use IGTV videos to gain Instagram followers. Making good videos has helped creators increase their reach. We have discussed how to buy active Instagram views and much more in the article below. We always advise reading the review first before purchasing any service for Instagram. Therefore, you may read Buzzoid reviews to know all their services. However, we do not recommend Buzzoid at all.

  • Maintain quality of videos

The quality of videos is one of the biggest parameters that video creators have to keep in mind. Whenever you are making a video, the quality is something you have to keep in mind. If the video you make is out of focus or shaky, you will not get the views you want. Users get engaged with videos only when they are of good quality. You should invest in buying some equipment for video making. You should purchase a tripod and a camera to shoot professional-quality videos. If you are using a phone, make sure that all the videos are shot with the back camera as it is better in quality. All viral videos have top-quality production. If you do not invest in proper video quality, you cannot expect to gain Instagram followers.

  • Add creativity to videos

Having creative and unique videos will help you gain popularity on Instagram. People are always on the search to find more creative content to consume. One of the biggest mistakes that video creators on IGTV make is that they keep on jumping on new trends. Jumping on trends is good but no one should overdo it. There are thousands of videos on the same trends and this reduces your visibility. Try making unique videos. Explore new concepts and ideas. The top videos on Instagram and almost all other social media platforms are the ones that are different from the rest. Many video creators have had their shot to fame by thinking of out-of-the-box ideas. If you are looking for something different, try using animations. Animated content has a lot of consumers and it allows you to explore multiple possibilities.

  • Use proper hashtags

What is the point of making a good video if it does not reach the target audience and the other users of Instagram? The Instagram algorithm has been seen as a little unpredictable over time and using proper hashtags protects you from it. HAshtags essentially allow you to show your videos to people who are interested in those hashtags. The best way to choose and add hashtags to your videos is by finding the most interacted hashtags of your audience. This will help increase the visibility of the video to people in your target audience. There are hashtag challenges run by big companies, where people have to use a certain hashtag on their post and upload it. Use these hashtags as it provides a great opportunity to increase your reach. Through a little research, you will find the best hashtag combination for maximum engagement on your videos.

  • Promote your video

To gain followers you should promote your videos. Having an initial audience for your videos is quite difficult. Try asking your family, friends, and relatives to watch your videos. Send the links of the videos to them on different platforms. Ask them to help you out by liking, commenting, and most importantly sharing your video. Another way to promote your video and reach more audiences is by collaborating with an influencer. You could partner with them to create a video together or get them to promote your video. Remember to choose the influencer properly. They should be someone who is related to your niche and has similar followers as your target audience.

  • Buy views

If you are not getting views and need several legitimate websites, Viralyft is one of the best instagram views providers. They do not ask for your password but just the URL of your videos. Most of these websites provide quick services with the views getting added to your account within 24-72 hours. The views are from real active accounts all over the world. The services provided by these companies are safe as they do not use any bots or fake accounts. Your account is never under threat to receive a temporary or permanent ban from Instagram. Buy Instagram views to help your account grow.

  • Write an interesting caption

When viewing your videos, the only thing that viewers can see on the screen is the caption. A good caption has the power to captivate audiences and get them to your account. The caption could have a description of the video. You could try to change it up and write a caption that intrigues the viewer into watching the videos. Captions can also be used to add hashtags to your videos. A well-written caption can have a major impact on the engagement rate of your video

  • Create a video series

When trying to get followers through IGTV videos, making a video series is very effective. When making a video series, you will divide a video into multiple parts and post them. This feature should only be used if you have good content. Only good content will have the power to keep the people hooked to the video and follow you for content. When dividing these videos try ending each of them on a cliffhanger. This will increase the inquisitiveness of your audience and they would want to follow you to not miss out on the content. This method works best when you are narrating a story or a thriller video. Being able to identify cliffhangers and the perfect way to divide the videos will help you to gain followers through your videos. The more power your video has of attracting viewings and keeping them hooked, the better conversion rates you will have.


When you are trying to gain Instagram followers IGTV can help you. The techniques mentioned above are proven to increase conversion rates. Getting viewers and converting them to followers will become easier with the techniques we have shared above. Find the methods that work the best for you and improve on them

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